‘Soul-filling’ experience

Nutrition expert and personal trainer helps community members live healthier lives

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April 29th, 2020
When she's not hiking, Terri Billings likes to have fun on the trails with her horse. She's seen here, sitting backwards on horseback.

When she's not hiking, Terri Billings likes to have fun on the trails with her horse. 

People who live at Wind Crest have an ally when it comes to staying fit and healthy throughout the year. With years of experience and a true passion for wellness, Fitness Manager Terri Billings helps community members achieve their fitness goals with a fun, holistic approach.

Since joining the Wind Crest team last year, Billings has become a go-to resource for community members interested in educating themselves about nutrition and the benefits of a robust wellness program.

Here, Billings shares more about her personal fitness philosophy and how she’s helping Wind Crest seniors live better lives.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your career and what led you to this role.

A: I grew up in Napa, Calif., and spent a lot of time outdoors horseback riding and doing other activities. From a young age, I was completely fascinated with physiology and learning about how food acts as medicine for our bodies, and exercise as the fountain of youth. 

I studied nutrition in college, and right before graduating, I secured a position with Indian Health Service, working on Native American reservations. I spent several years in the wellness field teaching diabetes education to everyone from young children to older adults. I remember one of my favorite highlights was teaching cooking classes, working to craft healthier meals with the resources available.

After becoming a mother to my two beautiful daughters, I earned my certified personal trainer license and launched my own personal training and nutrition business. That led me to a job at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colo., where I spent 12 years teaching health and fitness classes. From there, I transitioned into a role with Cigna [health insurance company], where I worked with corporations on developing health and wellness programs. 

It was a wonderful experience, but I found myself missing the personal relationships with clients.

I had a friend who worked at Wind Crest, and I became very interested in the community’s holistic approach to well-being for residents, embracing physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Since I stepped into the role of fitness manager at Wind Crest, the experience has been really soul-filling for me, knowing that my day can be meaningful to others.

Q: What do you like best about working at Wind Crest?

A: That’s easy. My favorite thing about working at Wind Crest is the residents. I find absolute joy in exchanging “hellos” and “how are yous” with them; it feels simple but impactful to help make one another feel at home and comfortable. I take great pride in knowing that I work in our community members’ home and feel honored to do so. I am, by nature, a nurturer and feel that I am able to thrive in that role in this community.

Q: Is there anything about working at Wind Crest that has surprised you?

A: One thing that sort of surprised me is how working at Wind Crest is like being a valued member of a small town. It is amazing to me how robust the service offerings are and how well-run the community is. Everything you need is right here, from the bank to the salon. The Resident Advisory Council and the various committees offer so many opportunities for interested residents to get involved and actively participate in community life.

I have also been very impressed with Wind Crest’s commitment to talent development and promoting employees from within.

Q: What is your favorite way to exercise? How do you personally make fitness a priority in your busy life?

A: I love to do Spartan obstacle course races. I do them every year and train for them all year long. I also love hiking. We are fortunate here in Colorado to have some amazing places to hike. I especially love Boulder and the Manitou Incline. All along the Front Range, there are great trails to check out.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year for Wind Crest?

A: I am so excited about making Wind Crest’s already excellent health and wellness program even better. We are looking at what we offer holistically and trying to get an even deeper understanding of community members’ diverse needs to better serve them. And I’m thrilled to continue developing relationships with my team and building on their strengths.