A taste of the good life

That’s what’s on the menus at Greenspring’s restaurants

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April 28th, 2020
(From left) Roy O’Connor, Greenspring Executive Director Chandra Kumar, Betty Griffin, and Clint Lambert do the honors in front of residents and staff who gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand reopening of the Potomac Café earlier this year.

Roy O’Connor, Greenspring Executive Director Chandra Kumar, Betty Griffin, and Clint Lambert do the honors in front of residents and staff who gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand reopening of the Potomac Café earlier in 2020.

Recently ranked number one for dining across all Erickson Living-managed communities, the dining services staff at Greenspring dedicate themselves daily to serving delicious and healthy meal options at the community’s five on-site restaurants, with the sixth venue, Cork and Fork, opening later this year. 

“Dining at Greenspring is different from anywhere else because not only is creativity encouraged but menus are specifically tailored based on the input we receive from our residents,” says Executive Chef Giovanni Carlo. “We are one big family.”

Community members, for their part, appreciate the careful attention and skill directed to their daily menu.

“There are so many choices that residents can eat whatever they desire,” says community member Betty Griffin. “Our food is very good and really beats cooking every meal at home.”

Her neighbor Gray Parks agrees.

“I appreciate the wide variety of menus available at the different restaurants,” he says. “I also appreciate the staff. Many young people work as servers and try very hard to please.”

“There are typically no less than 24 different entrées nightly in each restaurant,” says Clint Lambert. “My wife Vickie and I are always eager to try new and different dishes. We are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Cork and Fork. In addition, the staff are sensitive to the needs of the residents and never hesitate to offer assistance when needed.”

Engaged in the process

Greenspring’s talented chefs make it their first priority to create healthy, delicious dishes that meet the unique needs of all the residents. All Greenspring restaurants provide signature dining, preparing meals as they are ordered, allowing the chefs to better meet the dietary restrictions and food preferences of our community members.

To ensure that community members continue to enjoy their meal options, dining services staff review the number of dishes served each evening and replace less popular dishes with new choices. They also invite feedback directly from residents regarding their favorite dishes, either on comment cards or by attending monthly dining services focus meetings

“It is reassuring to know that management is sensitive to the needs and desires of the community and continually seeks to meet those needs and desires as best they can,” says Clint. “We are encouraged to verbalize any concerns and desires with respect to our dining experiences.” 

Greenspring’s Signature Dining also provides the dining services team with numerous opportunities to express their unique creativity based on their own culinary experience.

“We enjoy lots of choices every day, and the menus are changed every month,” says Betty. “All residents are encouraged to fill out comment cards, which are valued by the staff and help them meet our needs.”

Potomac Café

Earlier this year, Greenspring celebrated the reopening of the Potomac Café, providing even more variety and diversity to Greenspring’s robust menu options.

Located in the community’s Town Center Clubhouse, the Potomac Café is open all day and features short-order favorites like salads, deli wraps, and tasty breakfast sandwiches. The renovation includes the installation of a brand-new pizza station as well as a grill, deli station, and hot-food bar. 

“Residents are really enjoying the new entrée salads, including The Potomac Signature Salad and the Sesame Asian Salad,” says General Manager Cory Young. “In addition, the carving and action station has been quite popular, especially the taco salad bar and the carved salmon.”

“We are extremely happy with the newly renovated Potomac Café,” says Clint. “The dining staff is sensitive to the needs and requests of those who eat here, preparing daily specials as well as a variety of pizzas, grilled items, soups and salads, and no less than three entrées for each meal. We appreciate the fact that we can choose to sit and eat as well as take out our meal.”

Anne Sampson agrees. “The Potomac Café is very nice,” she says. “The staff is oh so willing to help and the food is very good.”

“I feel it’s essential for those considering a move to Greenspring to experience the various cuisines we choose from daily,” says Clint. “Our community is truly a great place to dine.”