What makes a Maris Grove real estate agent “preferred?”

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April 28th, 2020
A mover from one of Erickson Living's list of vetted moving services providers carries a box to a truck.

Working with a Personal Moving Consultant like Jan Schechter will bring you peace of mind, knowing that the professional services she recommends are thoroughly vetted. 

Remember how house hunting used to be? You’d grab the Sunday paper, comb through hundreds of listings, jump in the car, and drive to as many open houses as possible. 

If you were looking today, you’d see how meager the weekend real estate section is, if your local paper still exists! 

The internet has radically transformed how houses are bought and sold. Real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com are the first stops for younger buyers. They click to see detailed photos and take virtual tours. Unless those images dazzle them, they won’t waste their time on an in-person showing. 

Maris Grove’s Personal Moving Consultant Jan Schechter says, “That’s why every seller, especially those who’ve lived in their homes for decades, needs a seasoned real estate agent to help them prepare their home for showing. You have to get buyers through the door to make a sale.” 

Help from the pros

She recommends using one of the community’s fully vetted preferred real estate agents. “Before anyone earns the ‘preferred’ designation from us, they must consistently provide the highest level of service, quality, and value. That means they hold your hand through every step of the process, from refreshing your home through settlement. They’ll help you understand what current buyers are looking for and suggest ways to ready your home to meet those expectations, without spending a lot of money.”

Your preferred real estate agent can call in a stager, someone who declutters and makes your home as visually appealing as possible. They also can bring in trusted contractors to make more substantive repairs, if needed. 

Schechter says, “Putting in a little extra effort on the front end can mean a much higher selling price. Our preferred real estate agents want to help you get top dollar in the timeframe you need to complete your move, and they have a proven track record of doing so.”

For more information about preferred realty and moving services available through Maris Grove, please contact the sales office at 1-800-520-2916.