Charities making a difference in world events

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May 1st, 2020
An older woman in a pink shirt forms her fingers into a heart.

Who's opening up their hearts at this difficult times?

Perhaps the one silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic has been the touching ways that people and companies have stepped up to help. It’s been inspiring to see neighbors looking out for one another, communities coming together for sing-alongs from their windows, people buying gift cards for local restaurants and stores to help them stay afloat during closures, and business owners going the extra mile to help their employees. 

If you’re in the fortunate position to be able to help out, here are seven charities that will put your donations to good use.

Direct Relief ( Direct Relief has been delivering masks, exam gloves, and isolation gowns to health care organizations to help keep frontline workers safe. 

First Book ( With schools and libraries around the country closed indefinitely, families who don’t have reliable internet access at home may be struggling to help their children continue learning. First Book is working to deliver seven million books to kids in low-income households. 

CDC Foundation ( Money donated to the CDC Foundation will help fund COVID-19 prevention and detection efforts, deliver food and other essentials to people in isolation, build infrastructure for global response efforts, develop awareness campaigns, and deploy emergency staffing at the state and local levels.

No Kid Hungry ( Many American children rely on school for one or more of their meals each day. No Kid Hungry is sending grants to local schools and organizations to serve 800,000 meals each day to children in need. 

Give Directly ( If you want to be sure your money gets into the hands of individuals who need it, Give Directly might be the place to donate. They’ve given out $1,000 cash payments to low-income households in the areas hardest hit by coronavirus.

One Fair Wage ( The need for social distancing forced many restaurants to temporarily close their doors, leaving workers who rely on tips in a financial crisis. You can help those folks by donating to One Fair Wage, which has been providing emergency cash support to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, and others.

Gates Foundation ( The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has set up a Combating COVID-19 Fund, and donations will be used to support scientific organizations working to develop testing and a vaccine.  

Before making a donation to any nonprofit organization, remember to do some research to make sure the group is reputable and will use your money properly. Watchdogs such as Charity Navigator ( and Charity Watch ( are good resources for vetting nonprofits and finding top-ranked charities.

Editor’s note: The February issue incorrectly stated that Home Depot provides discounts to veterans. The discounts are for federal government purchase cardholders.