Familiar face, new role

Meet Lisa Sicilia, Ann’s Choice personal moving consultant

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May 29th, 2020
A headshot of Lisa Sicilia.

Lisa Sicilia became the personal moving consultant at Ann’s Choice in January 2020. With years of experience in real estate and event planning, she’s excited for this new opportunity to use her expertise. 

Customer service is in Lisa Sicilia’s DNA. An experienced catering professional, Sicilia spent most of her career helping clients plan and execute flawless events. Now, she’s helping prospective residents execute flawless moves to Ann’s Choice as the community’s new personal moving consultant. 

After successful, but demanding, stints for Sheraton Hotels and a local country club, Sicilia joined Ann’s Choice as the catering manager 15 years ago. “When there was an event at the country club I rarely got home before 3 a.m. It was grueling,” she says. “I wanted to work for a company that would make the most of my talents, and I wanted to raise a family. Erickson Living’s culture supports a healthy work-life balance, so it’s been perfect for me.”

Content in her role, Sicilia never imagined changing her professional focus. “Ann’s Choice Dining Director Chris Babst is a fabulous boss and mentor,” she says. “I would have been happy working with him and the entire food services team forever, but sometimes the stars align, and you move in an exciting new direction. That certainly has happened for me.”

An unexpected opportunity

When Sicilia and her husband sold their home several years ago, they did it themselves. She enjoyed the process so much, she decided to obtain her real estate license and professional certification as a home stager. 

She assumed that these interests would remain side jobs at best. Then, late in 2019, she learned that Colleen Rosica, the longtime personal moving consultant at Ann’s Choice, was leaving. “She wanted to scale back, and the job is a full-time commitment,” Sicilia notes. “Colleen’s departure created an opportunity I hadn’t expected, but I was so excited to continue the wonderful work she had been doing for 11 years.” 

Sicilia loves her new role, which started in January 2020. “Using my knowledge of realty and design to help new residents is such a pleasure. I miss Colleen, but I thank her every day,” she says with a smile. 

An unexpected part of the job 

Like any new job, the position came with surprises. The biggest one, says Sicilia, was the emotional impact of working with people who are leaving their homes after decades. “They share their possessions, their stories, and their memories with me and are sad to leave those behind,” she says. “But I reassure them that they are heading toward what can be one of the best, most fulfilling times of their lives.”

More often people are excited to move to Ann’s Choice. They are ready to embrace a worry-free, active lifestyle; they just need guidance, especially when they’ve lived in the same home for decades. 

New residents Peggy and Frank Noonan, agree. “We wanted to move, but I thought, ‘We can’t say yes until we know what we can bring,” says Peggy. “Lisa came to our house with a floorplan that showed where our furniture would go. She suggested the apartment model that was perfect for us. It was a great experience! She did an excellent job, and we are thrilled with our decision.”

Besides the emotional aspect of moving, the to-do list associated with downsizing and selling can feel overwhelming. Sicilia assures prospective residents that Ann’s Choice has everything covered from start to finish. 

"Erickson Realty and Moving Services connects you to carefully selected vendors with a track record of providing the highest quality, value and service,” she notes. “Our preferred real estate agents, downsizers, stagers, and movers will take the stress out of readying your home for sale, packing, and moving.” 

The program is especially helpful to those who’ve been in their homes for decades. “Selling your home has changed dramatically over the last 10 years,” says Sicilia. “Buyers look online first, and if they don’t like the pictures or video, they won’t come for a showing.” 

She continues, “Our experienced agents can explain what younger buyers are looking for and present a solid plan for marketing your home. Our stagers can help you declutter, arrange the furniture to make spaces look larger, and offer cost-effective suggestions to help you achieve the best sales price. Our vendors are committed to helping you present your home in the best light, and we recommend only the best.” 

Sicilia feels right at home in her new role as a personal moving consultant and looks forward to helping future community members make an easy transition to life at Ann’s Choice. “Whether you’re ready to move today or looking ahead, it’s never too early to start the discussion,” she says.