Seabrook residents know this is ‘the best place to be’

Residents praise Seabrook for extreme action during COVID-19 crisis

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May 5th, 2020
An exterior shot of the community, the front entrance of the building in bloom for spring

Seabrook immediately took action when the coronavirus hit to ensure the safety and security of community members and employees, earning high praise from family members as well.

Residents praise the Seabrook staff's COVID-19 response

“My response to their response is incredible, awesome, over the top with superb caring and probably 25 other adjectives that I can’t think of. It’s amazing to me the kind of care we’re getting,” George Reid said in early April after about two weeks of self-isolating in his Seabrook apartment home with his wife Nancy.

The Tinton Falls, N.J., retirement community took important measures to keep its 1,400 residents safe during the COVID-19 crisis, including a stay-at-home directive in late March. Community members were urged to not leave their apartment homes, and the community restricted visitors, vigilantly screened staff, and quickly developed a plan of action and care.

Residents were in good spirits and expressed satisfaction with the community’s response. 

Seabrook prioritizes protecting its people

“Seabrook’s response has created an enclave of protected people,” George says. “We’re away from the general public. We’re [staying in] our apartments, but we feel it’s part of the protection we have here.” 

Everything from meals to mail is delivered to their door, and services like fitness classes, religious services, and doctor appointments are available on Cedar Crest’s TV channel or the internet. 

George says he much prefers his situation over those who have to brave a visit to the grocery store or doctor’s office. Instead, he had a teleconference with his in-house Seabrook doctor, and he and Nancy have been exercising daily at home with Seabrook’s wellness experts.

When they feel anxiety or tension, they turn to the daily devotions sent by Seabrook’s pastoral services team. 

“We’re finding new ways to do things,” George says. “Do we have concerns? Of course. We have family who work in the medical field. We have some tension there, but we really don’t have anything to complain about.”

One team, one goal

Maureen Sullivan and her husband Tom have similar sentiments. 

“Seabrook’s the best place to be,” she says. “Because, number one, the big thing is trying to get food, a good meal. Our meals are very healthy and delivered [every day]. We see [Executive Director] Phil Gene on TV, who gives us updates. We have a call-in show so people can ask questions. It’s good for the community.”

According to Maureen, the community is coming together in a grand way. 

“At 4 p.m., our neighbors on our floor stick our heads out our doors to say hello,’” she says. They send each other funny jokes and stories on the computer and contact each other with phone calls. “It’s a lot of fun that way.”

Another way community members have come together is to sew masks. Cindy Malmo, Zita Nathans, and Jackie Cole each contributed to make a small batch of masks. 

Zita, a seamstress and quilter, provided fabric and elastic for 12 masks. She set it on the shelf outside her door, and Seabrook’s concierge picked it up. From there, the concierge delivered it to Jackie Cole, another former seamstress, who cut the fabric to a pattern. 

After the fabric was cut, the concierge picked it up from Jackie and delivered it to Cindy Malmo, who has been working from home during the pandemic and sews the masks after work. 

“It’s a small collaborative effort, and Seabrook has been very helpful with it,” says Cindy, whose own daughter has made over 300 masks for health care workers in Georgia. 

“It's amazing to see how, in every department from general services to dining, resident life to finance, sales to health care, marketing, and communications to human resources and beyond, our teams are committed to each other and our residents,” says Seabrook Executive Director Phil Jean. “The appreciation, inspiration, and caring we all feel is astonishing.


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