Wind Crest embraces Holistic well-being

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July 16th, 2020
Since their move in 2014, Ken and Karen Pinkham have taken advantage of all Wind Crest has to offer. Even though some of those offerings have been updated to reflect safety protocols, the spirit and camaraderie are still alive.

Since their move in 2014, Ken and Karen Pinkham have taken advantage of all Wind Crest has to offer. Even though some of those offerings have been updated to reflect safety protocols, the spirit and camaraderie are still alive.

A common thread of holistic well-being runs throughout the myriad programs and activities found at Wind Crest, the Erickson Living-managed community in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Blueprint for a healthier life

“There’s an emphasis on health and wellness on every Erickson Living campus,” says Jeff Watson, director of operations for Erickson Living. “Fifty percent of how we age is determined by our lifestyle and the habits we build. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, it’s not about perfection, it’s about direction.”

To foster a strong, prevention-rich wellness culture, last year, Wind Crest, along with the 18 other Erickson Living-managed senior lifestyle communities nationwide, launched an Embrace Wellness campaign.

And this commitment to health and wellness was taken to a whole new level in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Creative programming such as a twice-weekly Virtual Town Hall Meetings have helped residents stay informed, entertained, and engaged in Wind Crest's vibrant community life, while staying safe.

Multiple dimensions of wellness

“Resident life departments across the enterprise are aligning our campus offerings with the seven dimensions of wellness,” Watson says.

The multiple dimensions of wellness are based on a model created by Dr. Bill Hettler more than 40 years ago that emphasizes healthy living habits. “Hettler introduced six dimensions—intellectual, social, physical, occupational, emotional, and spiritual. More recently, we’ve seen the inclusion of an environmental dimension of wellness,” says Watson.

Hettler’s work, along with the findings of Dan Buettner, author of the 2008 book The Blue Zones, offer a framework for Erickson Living’s Embrace Wellness campaign.

“We developed a series of resources for each dimension of wellness as part of our health-education series,” says Watson. “These resources include a PowerPoint presentation introducing the dimension, a set of discussion questions, and a newsletter article.”

Living longer, living well: healthy habits for seniors

To complement Hettler’s model, the Embrace Wellness campaign also drew from Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones findings, which identify five regions across the globe with high concentrations of centenarians.

“When you look at the factors that contribute to longevity, you’ll see commonalities across Blue Zones,” says Craig Ellsworth, community resources manager at Wind Crest. “People who live longer emphasize daily movement, have a purpose, know how to relax, eat in moderation, and they have a sense of belonging. 

“What we learn from people who live notably longer lives is that the habits they build over time contribute to their longevity,” he adds. “That same culture of wellness exists at Wind Crest.”

The 84-acre campus features an on-site fitness center, swimming pool, medical center, five restaurants, outdoor walking trails, and more than 180 resident-run clubs and activities. They host annual fitness challenges and events, like the highly anticipated fall walking challenge. At Wind Crest, opportunities abound that support healthy living—from health tips for seniors to superb senior health care services .

Opportunities to stay active

“From a lifestyle perspective, Wind Crest offers abundant resources for social engagement, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, cognitive stimulation, and spiritual development,” says Ellsworth.

Residents enjoy a rich array of hobbies like woodworking, stained glass, sculpture, painting, and photo scrapbooking, as well as clubs including chess, model railroad, stained glass, travel, and more. And if you love group fitness activities with friends, options are numerous—from Tai-Chi and Zumba to water volleyball and horseshoes! The community looks forward to resuming group fitness classes post-COVID.

“We’re very active, so [Wind Crest] appealed to us right away,” says Karen Pinkham, who moved in November 2014 with her husband Ken. 

They have each joined several activities during their years at Wind Crest, including walking the neighboring High Line Canal Trail daily, weather permitting, and attending Sunday worship services on site. 

In addition to the activities mentioned above, there’s the Lifelong Learning courses and various committees and clubs right on campus. Regardless of the weather, they can participate in any activity they choose, since all buildings connect via indoor, climate-controlled walkways. “I don’t care what it’s doing outside anymore,” Ken says. 

“With all the activities and maintenance-free living, we have the luxury of choosing what’s really important to us,” he adds. “And the opportunities are widespread, so there’s something that appeals to everybody.”

Discover the Wind Crest difference

Set on 84 acres surrounded by the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain vistas, Wind Crest is a vibrant senior living community for people 62-plus. The first step to enjoying maintenance-free retirement living at Wind Crest community is to request a brochure