Q: I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, but lately I feel dizzy after one glass. Why is this happening?  

Q: Can aromatherapy with lavender oil improve health?

Q: Can weighted blankets help you sleep better?

Q: How can we protect ourselves from the gastric illnesses that seem to run rampant on cruise ships?

Q: Are fresh fruits and vegetables more nutritious than canned?

Q: My father is taking eight medications, some of them at different times of the day. How can I help him remember the proper schedule?

Q: Can scalp cooling prevent hair loss from chemotherapy?

Q: I take very good care of my teeth, so why do I seem to get cavities more often as I age?

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Q: I have sinus congestion and want to try a neti pot or similar device. Are they safe?

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Q: I have heart disease and have been advised by my doctor to avoid coconuts and coconut milk, but is it okay to drink coconut water?