Q. Your Lyme disease article in the June 2016 edition didn’t mention a tick removal system called Rid-a-Tick, which uses tape instead of tweezers. Is this a better way to remove ticks?

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Q. Is nicotine gum harmful? I chew a lot of it because I’m afraid I’ll start smoking again. 

Q. I’ve always had strong, healthy teeth, but now I seem to have cavities much more often. Is there a reason?

Q. As I get older, I notice there are more floaters in my eyes. Can they be harmful?

Q. It’s been over a year since her sister died, but my wife still seems sad. She doesn’t go out of the house very much, and is tired all the time. Is she still grieving or is this something more serious?

Q. I have a cough that comes and goes for no apparent reason. Sometimes it lasts for weeks. Should I see my doctor? 

Q. Can being a “worrywart” make you unhealthy?

Q. How long will cooked food stay safe to eat when it is stored in an insulated bag?

Q. Is it safe to drink coconut water?

Q. My doctor diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome. Lately, along with having frequent bowel movements and a lot of gas, I’ve been burping a lot and sometimes have a burning sensation in my throat. Is that IBS-related or could it be something else?

Q. I am 89 years old and have several problems that affect my sense of balance, including vertigo, spinal stenosis, and a past knee surgery. What can I do to stay active?

Q. I’ve had inflammatory bowel disease for years and thus I experience occasional diarrhea. But lately, I cannot get to the bathroom in time. Is there something I can do to help?