Q. Have you heard about oil pulling to improve oral health? 

Q. Is hypnosis a legitimate therapy? If so, what conditions can it help?

Q. Is caffeine good or bad for your health? It seems as if a new study comes out every day.

Q. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a skin condition called lichen planus. It went away but has come back three times since then. What could be causing it?

Q. My sense of smell seems to be getting worse as I get older. Is that normal?

Q. I went for an eye exam because my vision seemed worse in my left eye. I was diagnosed with a macular hole. Is that the same as macular degeneration?

Q. I seem to spend a lot of my time going from place to place having medical tests that have been ordered by specialists. I have several health problems but is all this testing necessary?

Q. I have pseudoexfoliation syndrome and recently had cataract surgery in my left eye. Since then, there is a blurry spot in my left eye that won’t go away. My doctor said it would take a while to heal. Is this normal?

Q. Sometimes when I walk into a room to get something, I completely forget why I went in. Does this mean my memory is slipping?

Q. I am a fairly active 80-year-old man. Do I still have to drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water every day?

Q. I always rinse off most fruits and vegetables before eating them, but I wonder if that’s enough to remove germs or toxins?

Q. After smoking for over 40 years, I finally quit last year by using nicotine gum. But I still chew a lot of it because I’m afraid if I don’t, I’ll start smoking again. Can the gum be harmful?