Q.My husband has moderate-stage Alzheimer s disease. Is it true that there s a prescription medical food that may help his symptoms?

Erickson health and wellness experts can be found at Erickson Living communities all over the U.S. This month our expert is Austin Welsh, M.D. ' Medical Director, Creek Overland Park, Kans. Dr.

Q. Is it true that a tick bite can cause food allergies?

Q. Why do some people develop shingles but others don't?

Q. I have dull lower back pain when I wake up in the morning, but by the time I ve gotten dressed, it goes away. It only comes back if I skip my daily exercises. What could be causing it?

Q. Are over-the-counter pain patches safe? I don t like to take a lot of medicine and have been looking for natural ways to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Q.I ve always had strong, healthy teeth, but now I seem to have cavities every time I see the dentist. Why is this happening?

Q.I have hypothyroidism. I like to take natural thyroid medicines rather than synthetic ones like Synthroid. What s the difference between them?

Q. I ve been eating eggs with no problem my whole life. But now, I don t feel well when I eat them. Could I have developed an allergy this late in life?

Q.I m an 81-year-old woman who has always had a beautiful head of hair. Recently, however, I notice that it is falling out and that my scalp is very dry. What can I do?

Q.I am 79 years old and have never been a social person. I don t like to go out to dances and other things my wife likes to do. But recently she s been telling me that I should go out more and that I spend too much time watching television. Is this really so bad for me?

Q.I was recently diagnosed with a cyst on my pancreas. Does that mean I could get cancer?