Q. Why do some people develop shingles but others don't?

Q. I have dull lower back pain when I wake up in the morning, but by the time I ve gotten dressed, it goes away. It only comes back if I skip my daily exercises. What could be causing it?

Q. Are over-the-counter pain patches safe? I don t like to take a lot of medicine and have been looking for natural ways to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Q.I ve always had strong, healthy teeth, but now I seem to have cavities every time I see the dentist. Why is this happening?

Q.I have hypothyroidism. I like to take natural thyroid medicines rather than synthetic ones like Synthroid. What s the difference between them?

Q. I ve been eating eggs with no problem my whole life. But now, I don t feel well when I eat them. Could I have developed an allergy this late in life?

Q.I m an 81-year-old woman who has always had a beautiful head of hair. Recently, however, I notice that it is falling out and that my scalp is very dry. What can I do?

Q.I am 79 years old and have never been a social person. I don t like to go out to dances and other things my wife likes to do. But recently she s been telling me that I should go out more and that I spend too much time watching television. Is this really so bad for me?

Q.I was recently diagnosed with a cyst on my pancreas. Does that mean I could get cancer?

Q. I received the shingles vaccine three years ago. Will I ever need a booster shot?

Q.For years I thought I had arthritis in my right hand until my doctor diagnosed me with Dupuytren s contracture. What can I do about this condition?

Q: My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease two years ago. Lately, he s been eating a lot of sweets, which he never did before. Should I let him do this or try to control his diet?