In a photo taken at a ceremony in Sept 27, 1945, Virginia Hall receives a medal for her service.

To many, the name Virginia Hall is unfamiliar. But it shouldn’t be, given her magnificent contributions during World War II.

Dale Berra with his father Yogi on the bench at Wrigley Field in 1970.

The name Yogi Berra is synonymous with baseball. The loveable guy, built rock-solid and known for crouching behind home plate wearing his catcher’s gear, was a shoo-in for the game’s Hall of Fame, which he entered in 1972.

But there’s a side to Yogi that most people don’t know, until now, that is. The great ball player was also a true family man: a devoted husband and a caring father.

An image of the newest book from Dave Barry, Lessons From Lucy

Apparently, dogs are a font of wisdom. Wander into your local public library and you’re likely to find an entire section of dog wisdom books. 

A black and white photo of Edward Gorey posing before one of his line drawings, wearing a denim shirt and jeans.

Of all the illustrators in history, perhaps none was more imaginative than the late Edward Gorey. Throughout his 50-year career, his macabre ink sketches appeared in his original books and those of numerous major authors.

His work, which generally had an unmistakable air of dark humor, fascinated audiences around the world, attracting a cult following.

Former CIA agent Jack Platt (left) and former KGB officer Gennady Vasilenko met trying to work each other for intelligence. They became lifelong friends.

In September 2014, author Gus Russo’s phone rang. Answering it, he heard a gruff voice: “Is this Russo?”

“Who’s asking?” he inquired.

“This is Platt, Jack Platt,” came the reply. “Bobby D. [actor Robert DeNiro] says you’re the guy to do my book.”

Gardens of the Arts & Crafts Movement highlights Sunk Garden at Great Dixter in Notingham, England, the family home of gardener and gardening writer Christopher Lloyd.

Outside, the ground is frozen solid, and icicles, not leaves, hang from tree branches. But even the coldest days of winter won’t keep avid gardeners from pursuing their passion.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, one of the best selling children's books of all time, was written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter

The name Beatrix Potter is synonymous with classic children’s literature. Besides writing timeless works like The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902), Potter made history as one of the best literary illustrators of the twentieth century.

Helen Beatrix Potter was born into an upper-class British family in Kensington, London, in 1866.

A P-51D fighter plane much like the one that Yellin had flown during the war.

There is no shortage of war memoirs in today’s publishing industry. From Afghanistan and Iraq back to Vietnam and Korea, the new volumes of stories about our fighting men and women are piling up quickly.

Alan Seeger as a French Legionnaire.

It is difficult to say how familiar people are with him. Some may have heard his name; others may have read his poems; and still others might recognize his face. 

More than 100 years after his violent death, poet Alan Seeger’s spirit is very much alive, thanks in large part to the efforts of author and historian Michael Hill.