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Hollywood blockbusters are as close as the phone in your pocket and volumes of books are just as accessible. You’re no doubt acquainted with services like Netflix and Hulu that provide online access to a wide array of films and television programs in exchange for a monthly fee.

Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon

In 1991, a scientist and comic book writer named Diana Gabaldon published her first novel, a 640-page amalgam of literary genres called Outlander (Random House). The book became a bestseller, winning legions of fans all over the world.

Robert E. Lee biography

In the world of book publishing, Michael Korda is something of a living legend. During his 40-year career as editor-in-chief at Simon & Schuster, he polished literary gems by authors the likes of Larry McMurtry and David McCullough, all the while writing his own bestselling titles.

classic book titles

Few pleasures can match the thrill readers feel when they’re entranced by a good book. To be lost in a story about bygone times and places is a type of travel accessible only through the written page.

NITS book cover

In her debut novel NITS (Cinimod Press, 2014), author Michele Harris captures the competitive social scene of Washington, D.C., and somehow manages to tie together the main players through, of all things, head lice. Harris, a longtime Montgomery County resident, gets to the heart of suburban angst and explores the universal theme of pursuing happiness.

What Nora Knew book cover

The world lost one of the great romantic storytellers when Nora Ephron passed away in 2012. Ephron’s films Heartburn, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail are perennial favorites. Her plucky leading ladies and her fickle leading men defined romantic comedy in the 1980s and 1990s.

Titanic book cover: Gilded Lives

The maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic should have been a celebratory event from start to finish.

In every way, she was a testament to human ingenuity.

Paul Revere

The name Paul Revere is synonymous with revolution. He was a member of the Sons of Liberty, took part in the Boston Tea Party, and set out on his now legendary ride to alert colonists of the approaching British forces.

Doubtless, most Americans are familiar with what Paul Revere did, but how much do we know about who he was?

The Lucky Greyhound

This brief and beguiling book by artist Beverly Hembold Erschell ( attracts a wide audience—art lovers, dog lovers, and all ages. It’s ideal to share with grandchildren, or simply to enjoy by oneself. Erschell, in prose and in paintings, tells us about her dog Maple, a greyhound who just never fit into the normal greyhound lifestyle.