Forever Chic: Frenchwomen s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style and Substance

Frenchwomen are renowned for their innate sense of style. Like the vintage wine France is known for, Frenchwomen appear to get better with age. From their beauty regimens to their seemingly magical ability to consume rich sauces and flaky croissants without gaining a pound, women everywhere wonder, “How in the world do the French do it?”

No Girls Allowed Cookbook for Men by Greg Ford

In the world of professional cooking, men have historically dominated. The home kitchen, however, is often considered “no man’s land” as in, no man is going in there to make anything more complicated than toast if there’s a woman around.

An old typewriter

They say that everyone has a story to tell and thanks to a host of new technologies and services, telling that story has never been easier. Once relegated to the fringe of the publishing industry, self-publishing is becoming an increasingly important driver of book sales. The number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S.

Eve in Hollywood

When you sit down to read a book, are you holding an electronic device or a regular book? According to the Pew Research Center, more and more Americans are doing their reading electronically these days. About a third of American adults own a tablet computer such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire and about 23% of Americans read e-books on their tablets or e-readers such as Nooks or Kobos.

The Drunken Botanist, by Amy Stewart

Tequila starts with the agave plant. Rum starts with sugarcane. And then there’s gin, which is made from a potent combination of juniper berries and botanicals like lavender, fennel, and coriander. Virtually all libations start with something that grows, and in her book, The Drunken Botanist (Algonquin Books), Amy Stewart offers a fascinating “plant’s-eye perspective on booze.”

The Boy Who Would Be Famous

Books these days are written for specific markets, but The Boy Who Would Be Famous doesn’t fit a pigeonhole. Its clear prose certainly can be read by the age group written about, but I think the best audience may be grandparents.

The Genius of Dogs

Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years. As loyal protectors and useful friends, they’ve earned a place among humans that few animals have enjoyed. Even so, scientific researchers have largely ignored dogs over the last century, judging them inferior to more intelligent mammals like dolphins and chimpanzees.

The Artist, the Cook, and the Gardener, Recipes Inspired by Painting From the Garden by Maryjo Koch

This time of year bursts with an explosion of colors and flavors as flowers bloom and vegetables take root. Gardeners look forward to sinking their hands into the soil and chefs anticipate the exquisite tastes of fresh from the garden produce.

American Lady: The Life of Susan Mary Alsop by Caroline de Margerie

In today’s Washington, dominated by political backstabbing and unyielding party loyalty, it’s hard to imagine a time when Republicans and Democrats routinely finished work at the Capitol, then shared a taxi across town to attend a dinner party—together!