The title of the 2005 critically acclaimed memoir by Jeannette Walls refers to her father s grand scheme to build a family home made entirely of glass. Rex Walls was a brilliant eccentric always on the verge of success but not quite capable of holding a steady job or his liquor. He found his soul mate in Rose Mary Jeannette s mother an artist, writer, and self-avowed excitement junkie.


George Washington was first in everything first in war, first in peace.


Few names draw as clear an image in the popular consciousness as that of Winston Churchill. His round figure, furrowed brow, and fat cigar perched on his lower lip are unmistakable.


There were omens from the beginning. Thus begins the tale of Toby O Dare (aka Lucky the Fox), a precise and methodical professional assassin in Anne Rice s newest novel, Angel Time (Knopf 2009).


What if there really were witches in Massachusetts in the 1600s? This is the question author Katherine Howe explores in her debut novelThe Physick Book of Deliverance Dane(Hyperion 2009).


When Tom Brokaw s The Greatest Generation hit bookstores in 1998, it served to perpetuate the great American myth about soldiers returning home from World War II.


Every city has a collage of places and things producing a way of life that people call home.