Delivery person with boxes.

Amazon is the third-largest retailer in the world (just behind Wal-Mart and China’s Alibaba). It’s not hard to see why when you explore the dizzying range of items that Amazon sells. From clothing to household goods to electronics, there’s almost nothing you can’t order from Amazon. 

Cutting the cable cord.

You’ve probably considered cancelling your cable television service at one point or another (most likely when you open your monthly bill and see the cost of your package has gone up once again). That’s why many people decide to “cut the cable cord,” opting instead for lower-priced streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Groceries on a kitchen counter.

In recent years, you’ve probably noticed a grocery delivery person pull up to a neighbor’s house and haul bags full of food right up to the front door.  Online grocery delivery services such as Instacart and Amazon Fresh are growing in popularity.

View from an airport lounge of an airplane taking off at night with city lights in the background.

Retirement and travel often go hand in hand. But the cost of trotting the globe can really add up. 

Cosigning a loan.

Should you ever cosign on a loan for a family member or friend? The short answer, of course, is no. But life isn’t always black and white.

Credit score image

Once you hit retirement, your house is probably paid off and you likely have enough savings that you don’t need to borrow money. So, your credit score no longer matters, right? Wrong.

But that is what a lot of older adults think. In fact, a 2016 TransUnion survey showed that nearly half of Baby Boomers believe their credit score matters less after age 70.

Group of tourists being led by a tour guide.

At the top of most retirees’ wish lists is to travel. But the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and sightseeing really adds up fast. Fortunately, if you’re willing to think outside the box a little, you’ll find many ways to travel for very cheap—possibly even for free! Here are four cool ways to see the world for next to nothing.

Desk with tax return documents and a calculator

It’s that time of year again—tax returns are due this month. If you’ve had any big life changes in the last year, take special care at tax time to make sure you don’t miss any deductions that you may be eligible for.

finance blogs on the computer

Whether you read them on your computer or tablet or in good old-fashioned hard copy, newspapers and magazines are still great places to get news and read about topics that interest you. But the Internet has created a whole new frontier for people to publish and share information.