Herbal supplements are more popular than ever. Some people use them as alternatives to conventional prescription medicines. Common herbal supplements and their uses are St. John s wort for depression; kava for anxiety; ginkgo biloba for memory enhancement; glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis pain; ginger, chamomile, and cinnamon for digestive problems; and saw palmetto for enlarged prostate...
Sharing sounds like a generous gesture, but when it comes to prescription medication, even people with the best intentions could do more harm than good by dispensing to friends or family. And approximately 25% of people in the U.S. reported sharing their prescription medication or borrowing someone else s, according to the American Journal of Public Health .
Up to 70% of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are not receiving medical care for their symptoms. And IBS is very common one in five Americans has symptoms.
Please note: The following questions were submitted by readers. The answers are intended for general information purposes and should not replace your doctor s medical advice. Q: I ' am 85 years old. I have a number of health problems for which I take several medications and follow a special diet and exercise program. At my age, are any of these things really going to prolong my life that much? A...
Is your dining room table piled with so much stuff you can t eat there? Does it stress you out to think about letting go of things? Are relationships with friends and family affected by your cluttered home? If so, you may have hoarding disorder. What is hoarding? People with hoarding disorder cannot part with things they acquire. Because of the possessions they have accumulated, hoarders...
If you don t have teeth, you don t have to worry about gum disease or cavities, says Janet Yellowitz, D.M.D., director of geriatric dentistry at the University of Maryland Dental School. But it s still important to see a dentist regularly, whether you have teeth or not.
With age comes an ability to adapt that is borne of experience, says William Uffner, M.D., medical director for the older adults program at Friends Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. Older adults are very resilient many sustain personal losses like the loss of a spouse or physical problems that an average 25 year old would completely buckle under, and they still don t become depressed. But some do...
When pet owners tout that animals are good for their health, are they barking up the wrong tree? [caption id="attachment_7547" align="alignright" width="259" caption="(File photo)"]
"Our bodies start to change in a way that affects our driving as early as age 35, says Katherine Freund, president and executive director of ITNAmerica, the first national nonprofit transportation network for the aging population. Your experience as a driver may compensate for changing vision, slowing reaction times, or other health changes. But at a certain point, around age 75 for many people,...