Vitamin D saves lives, says Rasa Kazlauskaite, M.D., endocrinologist and director of the Rush University Prevention Center in Chicago. A large-scale study published in 2008 showed that people who took a placebo were more likely to die earlier than people who took vitamin D supplements.


Sarcopenia, or wasting away of the muscles, has been considered a normal part of the aging process. But experts are finding that doesn t have to be the case. [caption id="attachment_13505" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Weight-bearing exercises, also known as resistance training, help preserve muscle mass. Start light and increase weight over time.

Truth about Vitamin D

One of the most remarkable findings about vitamin D came about by accident at an unlikely place a maximum-security hospital for the criminally insane. In April of 2005, an influenza epidemic raged through the population at Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, California. But as it progressed, Dr.

Ericksonhealth and wellness experts can be found atErickson Living communities all over the U.S.This month our expert is Austin T.
Ericksonhealth and wellness experts can be found atErickson Living communities all over the U.S.This month our expert is Shaveta Kotwal, M.D., medical director at ' Ashby Pondsin ' Ash

The doctor said your loved one s memory problems are due to progressive dementia most likely Alzheimer s disease. Your role as a caregiver is about to become very important. Preparing for that role may seem daunting. [caption id="attachment_12770" align="alignright" width="280" caption="A support group, including your physician, can be a big help in dealing with stress related to caregiving.


Inhale . . . exhale . . . inhale . . . exhale. Do you know what you re breathing? In 2006, ' almost a quarter ' of people age 65-plus lived in counties with unhealthy ozone levels, and 21% lived in counties where fine particle matter exceeded national standards.

Medicare enrollment form

Today, the government launched a website to explain what the Affordable Care Act means for specific groups including seniors. You can visit the section for older adults at The first item of business?


A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of California San Francisco, Stanford University Medical Center, and Columbia University Medical Center revealed that if everyone reduced their daily salt intake by half a teaspoon, there would be almost 100,000 heart attacks prevented and up to 92,000 fewer deaths each year.