Interest in sex and intimacy doesn’t just evaporate as people get older.

It’s difficult to determine seniors’ opinions about sex and whether they are having more sex or less. That’s because there’s no objective way to measure, and answers are obtained through surveys. For instance, a survey by an online dating social network for seniors found that that 97% of older adults believe that a sexual relationship is good for health.

Using the major senses, like touch, smell, and taste, can be calming to someone with dementia as well as help them to focus.

Research has provided insights into making life easier for caregivers of people with dementia. Here are more tips for making your day run smoother.

Stimulate the senses

An interesting fact about the course of dementia is that some of the major senses tend to stay intact for a long time. This can work to everyone’s advantage.

A hand runs a round hairbrush through thin white hair

It’s inevitable—you go gray and your hair thins as you get older. Grayness is determined by genetics, and thinning or baldness occurs because of genetics, a slowing rate of hair growth, or follicles that stop producing hair altogether. 

A daughter puts her hand on her mother's shoulder. Her mother looks away and seems a bit confused.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, seven million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer’s disease. That number is projected to double by 2050. 

With an increasing prevalence of any condition comes more research, and much dementia-related research is focused on ways to improve quality of life for people suffering from the disease and ways their caregivers can help.

A woman works with a music therapist

Music therapy as a professional specialty didn’t come about until after World War II, when musicians visited veterans hospitals to entertain the patients who were dealing with physical and emotional trauma. Hospital staff noticed the significant positive responses by patients—both physically and mentally—and requested that the musicians be hired as employees. 

A man comforts a sad looking woman.

Feeling lonely and sad this holiday season? It could be more than what people call “the blues.”

Erickson Advantage plans offer many benefits to members, but you need to be an Erickson Living resident to take advantage of these services.

Medicare Advantage plans are more popular than ever. Since 2004, the number of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans has more than tripled—from 5.3 million to 19 million in 2017—that’s over one-third of all Medicare beneficiaries.

An older man clutches his stomach in pain

The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) began in earnest in 1897 when the Bayer company put aspirin on the market. Since then, many NSAIDs have been developed (see sidebar for examples). 

How NSAIDs work

Mediterranean diets are high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish, and plant-based fats and low in meats and dairy.

If you think revamping your diet isn’t going to make much difference for your health or longevity, think again.