When pet owners tout that animals are good for their health, are they barking up the wrong tree? [caption id="attachment_7547" align="alignright" width="259" caption="(File photo)"]


"Our bodies start to change in a way that affects our driving as early as age 35, says Katherine Freund, president and executive director of ITNAmerica, the first national nonprofit transportation network for the aging population. Your experience as a driver may compensate for changing vision, slowing reaction times, or other health changes.


Can the loss of a loved one actually cause your heart to break? According to experts, extreme emotional stress, whether due to a positive event or a negative one, can in fact lead to a reversible heart weakness known as stress cardiomyopathy, or broken heart syndrome.


John Erickson, founder of Erickson Retirement Communities, and his son, Mark Erickson, coauthor of Old is the New Young: Erickson s Secrets to Healthy Living, recently appeared on the Today Show s Fountain of Youth segment to talk about how we can improve our memory as we age.


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the U.S. The most common type, open-angle glaucoma, occurs when normal fluid pressure inside the eyes slowly rises, compressing and damaging cells in the optic nerve. Glaucoma can develop in one or both eyes.


An accident led to the discovery of aromatherapy at the beginning of the 20th century, and the investigation of its medicinal benefits continues to stir up questions today. ... 1910, French chemist Ren -Maurice Gattefoss doused his hand in lavender oil after burning himself in a laboratory explosion.


The Internet makes it easy to find health information. You can go online and learn about medications, diseases, technologies, and other health data you otherwise wouldn t have access to, without a trip to a medical library. Not all of that online information, however, is legitimate.


Waking to the nudging of a pet, setting the table, getting the mail, and turning off the lights before bed are simple acts. But after a loss whether it s the loss of a person, place, or pet elements of the everyday can usher in the unbearable feeling that life is over.


Q: My family doctor (who I ve been seeing for 20 years) is retiring. I am 76 years old and have high blood pressure and arthritis. Should I look for a geriatrician?

A:A geriatrician is an excellent choice, especially if you have multiple health conditions and are taking several medications.