Crossword puzzle brain exercise

Do crossword puzzles and Sudoku really help you stay mentally sharp? Or do they just make you better at Sudoku and crossword puzzles? I ve been writing some stuff about a Memory Fitness Program developed at UCLA and tested at EricksonRetirement Communities.

Old Is the New Young

There's a lot of information out there about exercise which exercises are best, what kind of activity produces which results, how often to exercise, etc. None of this information is useful if you lack the motivation to start in the first place.

Doctor-patient conference

It sounds like science fiction but it s not. As described in the

A group of doctors and nurses applauding

World congress on medical home models and chronic conditions coming May 19,20 in Virginia. Are you going? Our Chief Medical Officer, Matt Narrett will be there. Check it out and if you go there from here you can receive a $500 discount, PROMO CODE below.

This code cannot be used for the government rate or applied towards a current registration.

Man with sinus problems

Ok so the title of the blog makes no sense to you, right? But it will if you are starting to feel clogged around your nose and eyes, feel pressure, kind of like a headache in your face? Welcome to my world, a world of allergies and sinusitis. It's not the economy, nor Rush Limbaugh's mouth, nor polls, nor politics, but maybe it is the weather.

Doctor counting money

More physicians are charging annual retainer fees: Are you the recipient of a new wave of physician practice that actually charges you to have the privilege of seeing your doctor for more then 5 minutes? In MD, Va, and across the US, there is a new trend affecting the practice of medicine.

Doctor, patient, and nurse in the hospital

Yesterday, news media picked up on a story about Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland and there changing the way Emergency Rooms (ER) are designed, particularly for the senior or elder crowd. Why is it needed? Different needs as we age is the answer. And, respect, dignity, and care are the results.

Man moving boxes

So yesterday we moved Mom to the assisted living facility. I did not expect the strong emotional and physical draining I felt by the end of the day. It was very, very difficult. My mom was very sad about leaving her apartment. I told her she did not have to move to the assisted living. I was very scared to say this but felt I had to allow her to be in control, no matter the consequences.

Mom and her boyfriend

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my mom's decision to finally move into an assisted living facility at age 95. I have not written about it since as I was fearful she would change her mind. I also spoke of how she wanted to be near her friends.