This month, U.S. census workers will set out by bush plane, dog sled, and snowmobile to count residents living in Toksook Bay, Alaska. Located in the Yukon Delta region on the Bering Sea, the remote village of Toksook Bay will be the first place to be counted for the 2020 Census.

A replica of a Gutenberg printing press.

Picture a monk sitting at a desk with ink-stained fingers, toiling for a week over a single page of handwritten text from the Bible.

How did we ever used to make books? How did we create pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, or any form of printed matter? 

Sara samples her homemade passatelli noodles in stock. The noodles are made from cheese and bread crumbs.

For generations, Italian grandmothers, or nonne, have passed their recipes and cooking techniques along to their daughters and granddaughters. Younger generations willingly accepted those heirloom recipes—committing each step and ingredient to memory because the recipes were rarely written down.   

The rock group The Mamas and the Papas once sang about winter in the gloomiest terms, crooning that “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey.” Don’t be fooled.

Winter is a great time of year, and, more to the point, a good one in which to sell your house.

After writing to Nike about his difficulty tying shoes, Matthew Walzer was shocked when the company sent him a pair of prototype shoes that didn’t need to be tied. The shoes are easy to get on and secure with Velcro.

In 2012, high school junior Matthew Walzer was looking ahead to college. It’s an anxious time for anyone, but Walzer had concerns most students never think about. 

Walzer has cerebral palsy and, though he had overcome many obstacles over the course of his 16 years, the ability to tie his own shoes eluded him.

People of all ages love a good story, and children's books often bring a magical quality to storytelling.

It’s difficult to comprehend, but children’s stories are older than the Bible itself. As long as there have been people, there have been tall tales meant to teach and entertain. 

Victoria Riskin with her mother, famed King Kong actress Fay Wray.

If anyone has Hollywood history embedded in her DNA, author Victoria Riskin is that person. After all, her parents were Tinsel Town royalty: her father, the Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Riskin; her mother, the stunning leading lady Fay Wray, best known for her timeless performance as the gigantic ape’s crush in Merian C. Cooper’s classic King Kong (1933).

Greenspring’s computer club president Bob Sinclair works with the more than 700 club members, keeping up to date on new technology and assisting neighbors with a variety of computer-related issues.

While stereotypes are sometimes true, there’s one that definitely no longer stands: The notion that seniors and computers don’t mix. On the contrary, the number of tech-savvy seniors has increased exponentially over the years, and experts anticipate that this trend will continue.

Metal or celluloid charge plates may have resembled dog tags, but they were the credit card of choice in the early twentieth century.

Earlier this year, Zheng Xiangchen from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the world’s largest collection of valid credit cards—a whopping 1,562.