Every few years, there seems to be a new food villain. The American consumer has witnessed a war on artificial colors, a quick but mean battle over “pink slime” meat, and an all-out attack on trans fat. More recently, a number of health-related organizations have put sugar—particularly “added sugar”—in their crosshairs.

Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie Kwolek’s name isn’t exactly front-and-center in the records of American invention, but it should be. Few technological innovators throughout history could lay claim to saving so many lives.

Windsor Run

Erickson Living is welcoming a new member to its family of communities. Located in North Carolina, the Windsor Run campus will occupy some 60 acres of a 105-acre tract in Matthews, part of Mecklenburg County.

Erickson Living residents

Pushy salespeople. We’ve all endured them. They descend on you while you’re innocently shopping for a sweater, appear at your elbow as you’re examining a new appliance, or interrupt your dinner with an unwelcome phone solicitation. Their motives are clear. They want to sell you something. And they’re not going to leave you alone until they close the deal.

compost pile

Anyone who grew up in tough times understands the lost art of frugality. Plates are cleaned. Leftovers are reheated and consumed. Less desirable cuts of meat are made into broth or used in homemade sausage. During the Great Depression, for example, home cooks used whatever they had on hand to prepare family meals.  

Wright brothers plane

By appearance alone, they hardly seemed like the men who would conquer the age-old challenge of human flight. 

Wilbur, for one, was lanky, balding, and rarely if ever smiled in photographs. His brother Orville also wore a serious, even stoic, expression but distinguished himself most notably with his bushy yet neatly groomed mustache.

college students

While a professor at Yale University more than ten years ago, Bill Deresiewicz began to notice something. What he saw he found deeply troubling.

He was teaching some of the brightest students in the world at one of the most competitive universities in higher education. Yet, a critical piece of the picture was missing. 

fairlife milk

In the fast-changing landscape of supermarket shelves, the newest buzzword is “protein.” Once marketed exclusively to bodybuilders, protein drinks, powders, and bars are now staples for the general population. 

senior driver

Seniors have had a bad reputation as slow and dangerous drivers for about as long as cars have been on the road. Perhaps the best-known stereotype is that of a frail old lady, barely able to see over the dashboard, holding onto the steering wheel with a white-knuckled grip.