Educating drivers about distracted driving is an ongoing process.

You’re out for a drive and the car in front of you slows down. It swerves, moving erratically from one side of the lane to the other. It could be a drunk driver. It could also be a distracted driver—someone who’s texting or searching a playlist or looking for an address stored on a mobile device. 

Throughout the early twentieth century, Jessie Willcox Smith’s illustrations appeared regularly on the covers of major magazines such as Good Housekeeping.

A quick Google search of the name “Jessie Willcox Smith” turns up loads of images: Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, and thank-you cards, all bearing reprints of her original paintings. Most of them involve women and children playing, reading books, enjoying a loving embrace.

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) prepares to descend on the wreck of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

When we hear about the National Park Service (NPS), a number of sites usually come to mind: Yellowstone National Park, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Valley Forge, and Gettysburg. They are all places that you can visit on good old terra firma.

Two bumble bees and a crab spider visiting a purple cone flower in DeWitt, Mich.

Each year, monarch butterflies travel nearly 2,500 miles, flying en mass from the colder climate of Canada and the northern states to the warmth of Mexico and Southern California. It is a phenomenon that is both fascinating and perplexing, as scientists don’t know exactly how or why the colorful insects make their annual migration. 

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There is a long list of important issues shaping the discourse of the 2016 campaign. Terrorism, the economy, immigration, unemployment, and health care are the big topics being debated. There’s one issue of critical importance that is being overlooked. 

A ghost hunter taking an EMF (electro magnetic field) reading, which proponents claim may be connected to paranormal activity.

The next time you have a ghost problem, don’t call the Ghostbusters, call Debi Chestnut. A paranormal investigator with over 30 years' experience, she is the author of numerous books including her most recent, Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits (Llewellyn Publications).

Russian artist Ilya Repin’s portrait of Modest Mussorgsky. Repin painted the picture in Mussorgsky’s hospital room just weeks before the composer’s death at age 42.

The last painting composer Modest Mussorgsky posed for shows a tired, bloated man, his nose red from drink, his hair disheveled and unwashed, his eyes mournful. 

Within a few weeks, he would be dead.  

LuminAID, Suntegrity, The Original Worm products

Warm weather draws people outside. Whether you find yourself digging in the garden, relaxing on the beach, or camping in the great outdoors, we’ve rounded up a few products to have on hand.  

A portable masseuse 

Sitting President Dwight Eisenhower shaking hands with President-elect John F. Kennedy.

Compared to some other parts of the world, the United States stands out for two things in particular: freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. A brief discussion about religion’s role in American politics illuminates this Constitutional balance between our nonsecular electoral process and our secular government.