The Gerber Baby

Although many today may not know her name, her creation is household knowledge. Dorothy Hope Smith, who gave us the timeless image of the Gerber Baby, was one of the most talented illustrators of the twentieth century.

Born in Maryland in 1895, Smith was the middle of three girls. In her early teens, she moved with her parents to Chicago, Ill., where she spent her formative years.

male and female disposable razors

President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act over 50 years ago, yet the gender pay gap persists. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, American women earn just $.79 for every dollar men earn. Under the law, women must be paid the same wage for the same work.

cars connected through technology

Imagine if your car could anticipate a crash and not only warn you about it, but also change speed or direction to avoid danger. Imagine if your car could communicate with the infrastructure—so it would know when the next traffic signal is about to change and adjust its speed to maximize energy use.

The TF-X flying car will fit in a single-car garag

The flying car has long been a staple of science fiction and fantasy stories. From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to The Jetsons to Back to the Future, flying cars represent the most fantastical vision of the future.  

As we ease into another election year, we hear the same old song about candidates slinging mud at their opponents. Rather than positing workable solutions to social and economic problems, White House hopefuls spend their time and money cramming newspapers, magazines, and the airwaves with nasty attack ads. 

Norman Rockwell illustration

Magazine illustration is a lost art in the twenty-first century.

Linden Ponds

Linden Ponds is home to many talented artists, from painters and sculptors to jewelry makers and poets. The Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass., even has a dedicated gallery space where residents and outside artists display their work. The resident-run Linden Ponds Artist Council organizes shows in the gallery that rotate about once a month.

prescription drug prices graphic

In September of 2015, the cost of Daraprim, a prescription drug used by cancer and AIDS patients, went from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill overnight. The over 5,000% price increase made headlines around the world. Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, which makes the drug, said the price hike was necessary for the company to make a profit. 

Ralph Vaughan Williams

He had the face of a stoic philosopher and the mind of an enchanting artist. In the annals of classical music, the name Ralph Vaughan Williams has long been synonymous with the dramatic and, more to the point, the cinematic.

Inasmuch as his image seems to contradict this fact, a look at his career only confirms it.