little kids playing soccer

Good sportsmanship, how to work in a team, perseverance and dedication are but a few of the life lessons children learn from participating in organized sports programs. An estimated thirty-five million young people between the ages of 5 and 18 participate in some form of sports.

house graphic with sold sign

The real estate market has come a long way in the six years since the crash that was the Great Recession. In this time, the world saw stocks plummet and entire economies collapse only to bounce back slowly but surely.

Chanel No. 5

Americans spend an estimated $5.2 billion a year on fragrances, and with all that money in play, it’s no wonder that everyone from Britney Spears to Justin Bieber has their own line of perfume. Like pop stars, many fragrances simply fade away over time, but there are quite a few perfumes that have unique staying power.

Saturn's moon, Europa

The space shuttle may be retired, but NASA has been busy all the same. On the heels of a successful unmanned landing on Mars in August 2013, the space agency has trained its sights on the outer reaches of our solar system and, more specifically, the satellites of Jupiter.

volunteer reading to children

Americans have many options when it comes to how they choose to spend their free time. There are sports fans and book lovers, gardeners and gamers...and there are volunteers.

Amelia Earhart on children's book cover

Most people know Brad Meltzer as a New York Times bestselling novelist and as host of the History Channel TV show Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. But his latest project is something of a departure—his first attempt at children’s books.

Sweet potato burritos

So much of what we eat is a trend, a fad that comes and goes. In recent years we’ve been inundated with probiotics, juice cleanses, and flax seeds. In the quest for better health through eating, Americans are happy to embrace the latest and greatest food fashion as readily as we embrace skinny jeans or wedge sandals. 

Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz was perhaps the greatest composer of the Romantic era, and he knew it. His dossier rich in masterpiece compositions like the Symphonie fantastique and Grande messe des morts, audiences revered him in life and death. 

crane lifting junk

In 1960, Americans recycled 5.6 million tons of waste. Fifty years later, that number had risen to 65 million tons. Clearly, we have gotten the message about being good stewards of the planet. Drive down any street in America on trash pickup day, and you’re sure to see those ubiquitous blue recycling bins alongside the residents’ regular garbage cans.