Letters to the editor

“Plugged in: The virtual classroom”

September 2013 issue

Ready to learn online

Your article on the virtual classroom is so interesting and well-written. How can I access some of these online courses?

—Sharon M., email

George Barris

When George Barris attended his graduation at Sacramento, California s San Juan High School in 1943, it should have been a joyous occasion. But when it came time for him to receive his diploma, he found no words of encouragement. Instead, his principal pulled him aside and made the snide remark that he was the least likely in his class to succeed.

When I Retire

It seems that nearly everyone has a retirement dream. Some dream of travel and time to pursue their passions. Others see themselves volunteering or becoming entrepreneurs. And still others envision themselves becoming ninja warriors, eating ice cream for dinner, and riding their bicycles indoors.

Reenactors line up as soldiers

President James Madison called it “the second war for independence.” Others have labeled it “America’s forgotten war.”

The man behind the twilight zone

All the world knows him as the mysterious man who opened and closed each episode of The Twilight Zone, the clipped staccato of his speech as much a trademark as the twist endings to his stories. The mellow baritone of his voice proved the perfect compliment to his words: You unlock this door with the key of imagination.


Over the next 20 years, 32 million Americans will reach retirement age. While just a generation ago, most older Americans happily traded in their working lives to pursue well-planned and well-funded retirement dreams, today s potential retirees don t necessarily have the same freedom of choice their predecessors enjoyed.

Construction worker

We celebrate Labor Day every September. Unfortunately, for too many of us, it s one of the few times that we connect labor with celebrate, and only because it s a day off from work. But what if we viewed work as an intrinsically good thing (as in the book of Genesis) that will go on forever (as in Revelation)?

Living Faith

In recent columns, we discussed the dilemma of a loving God coexisting with a world full of suffering. How does a living faith endure and respond? Weep with those who weep. Our culture goes to great lengths to avoid grieving, but David mourned his dying child, and Jesus sobbed at Lazarus grave. Nicholas Wolterstorff, who lost a young son, reminds us to Be open to the wounds of the world.

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Today, we know Sergei Rachmaninoff as one of the last great composers of the late-Romantic period. But this Russian-born musician was also a renowned pianist as well as a conductor—a rare combination of skills known as a “triple threat” in today’s artistic community.