The Memphis Belle and crew

American bomber crews had one of the most dangerous jobs of World War II. They had an estimated one in four chance of their next mission being their last, with some theaters presenting even deadlier odds of one in two.

Online screenshot

The New York Times recently declared 2012 as the year of the MOOC. What are MOOCs you ask? They are massive open online courses and for believers in lifelong learning, MOOCs are a godsend, offering anyone free access via the Internet to the most elite universities in the world.

Couple sleeping

We live in a world where gigantic MRI machines produce images of our internal organs. Where bionic limbs replace real ones. Where once deadly and debilitating diseases are now easily cured. Medical research and science have made significant gains in just about every area of human physiology but one. Sleep.


With the holidays just around the corner, why not give your adult children the one gift only you can give them the security of knowing you are safe, happy, and living life to its fullest.


As English professor Mark Bauerlein sat in the quad on Emory University s campus, he noticed something about the students. Few of those zipping from class to class communicated with others, at least not with anyone around them.


As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.


When Cornelia Funke goes to work, she steps into another world one filled with unicorns, elves, fairies, and enchanted forests. Often called the J.K.

ERC_0910_Murder Room Q&A Pic 1

When author Michael Capuzzo first learned of the Vidocq Society, he knew he had a story on his hands. Every month, its members an eclectic blend of forensic professionals and motivated citizens meet on the top floor of the Public Ledger Building in Philadelphia, Pa., to discuss and hopefully solve cold murder cases over a hot lunch.

The Dumbest Generation

Anyone who's ever caught a Wednesday episode of Jay Leno's Tonight Show is likely familiar with "Jay Walking". Usually about five minutes long, the bit follows the late-night guru's monologue and highlights some of the less-than-stellar minds within the greater Los Angeles area.