Let there be light

Thomas Edison once remarked that he had never perfected an invention that didn t serve the public. I find out what the world needs, he said, then I proceed to invent. During the last quarter of the 19th century, the Wizard of Menlo Park and dozens of other inventors had their eyes trained on a new source of light one that would require no fuss or maintenance.

1913 Armory Art Show

A century ago, the United States was a nation full of promise, but it was not the world leader it is today. Woodrow Wilson was president, people were marching in the streets in support of the women s suffrage movement, and New York City became home of the world s tallest building when the Woolworth Building opened in April of 1913.

At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past

We don’t give it a second thought. As night falls, our headlights brighten our paths of travel, neighborhood streetlights make quiet evening strolls safer, and lamps perched on bedside tables illuminate the pages of our favorite books.

Dog dish of pet medication

Many Americans grapple with the high cost of prescription medications. When a family member needs an expensive medication, most people do whatever they can to make sure their loved one gets that drug. But what if that family member is a pet?

DNA double helix

The most avid genealogists can trace their ancestral histories back several hundred years, but beyond that point the trail often runs cold, at least for researchers working with paper.

National Geographic's 125th anniversary

On January 13, 1888, 33 of the nation’s intellectual and scientific leaders gathered in Washington, D.C.—their objective, to create an institution aimed at “the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge.” The result was an organization that, to this day, is synonymous with exploration and discovery.

Clara Barton

Each year, the American Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters in the U.S. Whether a single-family home burns down or a hurricane displaces tens of thousands, the American Red Cross is there to offer aid, shelter, food, and health care. They also support military families, provide for more than 40% of the U.S.

Medicare card

people are well aware of the perils of identity theft. On the advice of experts, we shred our personal and financial documents, we don t carry our social security cards in our wallets, and we protect our online passwords. Despite our best efforts, the U.S. Department of Justice reports that 8.6 million U.S.

Interactive floor plan

When we think of the Internet, we think interactive. Very little of what we do online involves mere static print on a screen. The list of activities is limitless.