Vacation 1

For the last century, vacations have been a part of life in America. Whether ' at the beach, drink in hand, or barreling down the interstate in search of roadside attractions like the world's biggest ball of yarn, destinations symbolic of our desire for rest and relaxation dot the nation's landscape.


After 40 years in the same house, Roberta Gosselin says, We had a huge accumulation. The house, basement, and storage shed out back were full of things she and her husband had accumulated over the years.

Ketchum-JFK Jr

White House Curator James Ketchum had the holy grail of museum jobs. From 1963 to 1969, he served three presidents and managed a priceless collection of artifacts that told the story of the world s best-known house and the families that lived there.


It s probably the world s most famous address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue an 18-acre plot of carefully manicured grounds on which stands a Georgian-style mansion. The National Park Service lists it simply as Reservation No. 1. First Lady Dolly Madison called it the President s Castle, but most know it as the White House.


It s one thing to hear about an Erickson community; it s quite another thing to experience it for yourself.


On any other Friday, 15-year-old Ward Warren would have been sitting in a classroom at Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, Tex., but November 22, 1963, was different. President John F.

Talk of recessions and bubble bursts has dominated both print columns and radio and television airwaves for nearly two years.
MAF Annual Meeting

Stand up and cheer! America s latest it girl is 88 ' -year-young actress Betty White, with a new sitcom set to debut in June; a series of commercials now running on TV; and perhaps her biggest coup of all, recent host of Saturday Night Live.


What s standing between you and that long list of books you want to read? For many people, it s a matter of time. For others, vision issues can make reading difficult.