Topgun founder Dan Pedersen leans against a yellow plane wearing a grey fighter pilot uniform in 1956, at Whiting Field in Florida, where he entered primary flight training to become a naval aviator.

It’s perhaps the world’s most elite fighter pilot training program, and it became a household name with the 1986 release of the Tom Cruise movie classic Top Gun. A highly advanced Naval aviator graduate school, Topgun (in its proper spelling) is the home for the best of the best fighter pilots.

Helen Frankenthaler in her New York City studio, circa 1961.

Can you name five artists? Okay, now, can you name five women artists?

Even those who answer the first question with ease find themselves stumped by the second question.

A headshot of a young Kay Starr

She had a voice that could belt out any tune from any musical genre. Whether pop, blues, jazz, or country, Kay Starr’s vocals poured honey into the ears of television-watching, record-buying audiences for decades.

Starting from early childhood, she was a gifted singer. Born Katherine Laverne Starks in Oklahoma in 1922, Starr grew up in a humble, middle-American family.

Milicent Patrick working on the design of the creature from the black lagoon in her home studio in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Earlier this year, actress Julie Adams passed away at the age of 92. Adams enjoyed a long and successful career in Hollywood, appearing in 50 films and even more television programs.

An old-style television features a swirling black and white hypnosis pattern, against a wall with the same pattern.

Not a week goes by without someone calling a report or headline they object to “fake news.” Defined as the willful spreading of false or malicious information in order to damage a person or institution, fake news is a centuries-old tactic. 

Anyone who’s walked through a Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium tunnel remembers the feeling the first time they did it. 

At the end of that dark cement enclosure was a rectangle of light. On the other side, you met with the most exquisite vision: A diamond and field the likes of which you had never seen.

A portrait of George Washington Carver wearing a suit.

In order to fully appreciate the contributions of George Washington Carver, you have to understand something about agriculture. While I’m no farmer, my father-in-law is, and one thing he constantly warns about is the danger of soil depletion.

He does so with good reason, for this can make or break a crop.

A koreisha march is a rounded square with four quadrants; one orange, one yellow, one dark green, and one one light green,

One of the strongest and most enduring tenets of Japanese culture has been a deep respect for elders. Each September, the nation celebrates “Respect for the Aged Day,” and when Japanese citizens reach the 100-year milestone, the government honors them with a special sterling silver sake cup.

George Washington gives his final orders at Yorktown (1781), the siege that largely settled the Revolutionary conflict. Had conspirators succeeded in killing Washington four years earlier, history might have been very different.

We take it for granted today. From 1775 to 1783, the American colonists fought a war for independence against the mighty British empire and won; everyone knows that.

Yet, we often forget that, at the time, this was by no means an easy win. On the contrary, it was a massive gamble.

Think about it.