A fleece jacket with microfibers.

One of the biggest fashion trends of the past decade is the “athleisure” movement. High-tech performance fabrics originally created for athletes and outdoor adventurers are now the garments of choice for just about everyone. 

Photo montage of Charlton Heston on movie sets and with family.

Charlton Heston is one of history’s most recognizable Hollywood figures. His starring roles in such films as The Ten Commandments (1956), Ben-Hur (1959), and Planet of the Apes (1968) made him a household name and face. 

Carton of A2 milk.

Buying a carton of milk used to be a fairly easy task. Not anymore. The choices are seemingly endless: whole milk, reduced fat, fat free, lactose free, soy, almond, goat’s milk…the list goes on. For the most part, the choices are fairly self-explanatory. 

However, a recent addition to the dairy case may have you wondering—what in the world is A2 milk?

Photo of the words "Made in USA" stamped into a concrete surface.

Throughout the twentieth century, the United States was perhaps the single most self-reliant country on the globe. 

From the 1930s to the 1960s, the majority of American-used products came from American-based companies that employed American workers. There were Pennsylvania steel, Texas and Ohio oil, and automobiles from Michigan.

Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie Band performs at The Spotted Cat Music Club.

New Orleans certainly knows how to throw a party, and in 2018, the celebration will be epic as the Big Easy commemorates its tricentennial. 

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee, Wis., was completed in 1961. It is a pale yellow circular building with a shallow dome roof and half moon windows.

His buildings were innovative and modern, but they had leaky roofs. He earned his living through commissions, yet he routinely offended his wealthy clients. And his carefully cultivated image as an intellectual and a visionary was challenged each time his scandalous personal life made headlines.

This artist’s concept shows an over-the-shoulder view of Cassini making one of its "Grand Finale" dives over Saturn.

In the early-morning hours of October 15, 1997, a brilliant streak blazed across the sky above Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Station. Aboard the Titan IVB/Centaur rocket was a historic payload: NASA’s Cassini orbiter and the Huygens atmospheric entry probe.

Olive oil being poured into a glass bowl.

Olive oil is good for you. Study after study has proven that consuming this elixir of the gods has some serious health benefits. It is said to stave off cancer, lower your risk of heart disease, and might even keep Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases at bay. 

Harvey Dunn's painting of American prairie life.

When it comes to illustrators, Harvey Dunn was in a class of his own. He was not only a gifted artist capable of creating historically realistic compositions but also a consummate educator who inspired generations of future artistic luminaries.