Liszt was as famous in his day as he is in ours. He was photographed and painted numerous times. This photograph, circ., 1858, shows his dashing side.

Several words come to mind at the mention of pianist and composer Franz Liszt, including virtuoso, maestro, and genius. And unlike so many brilliant artists who went through life unappreciated, Liszt was as revered in his day as he is in ours.

In this "ghost image" a man reads while surrounded by three “spirits.”

On a warm Sunday morning in August of 1862, William Mumler found himself alone in a Boston, Mass., photo studio. A jewelry engraver by trade, Mumler knew very little about the emerging art of photography, but he was smitten with Hannah Green Stuart, owner of the studio, so he happily volunteered to organize her darkroom chemicals and check the focus of her massive camera.

Women code breakers worked tireless for both the U.S. Army and Navy. This black and white photo shows several of the women hard at work.

When it comes to World War II code breaking, few names are bigger than Bletchley Park. Located in the south of England, this legendary facility housed Great Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School and, more importantly, the teams of young female code breakers who cracked the German Enigma cipher.

colorful plastic straws are organized into a wave pattern

In 2015, a team of biologists from Texas A&M University was researching sea turtles off the coast of Costa Rica. Their mission was to collect ectoparasites from sea turtles’ shells. 

Polaroid style photos of senior women

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram have spawned an entirely new breed of celebrity. Known as influencers, they have significant clout with their devoted followers. 

It’s not surprising that professional athletes and entertainers have millions of followers. Tom Brady has 4.2 million followers. Dolly Parton has 1.2 million followers.

All components of the car seat you choose must be properly secured. Even the best seats are useless if installation is done incorrectly.

Mark Twain once quipped that there are “lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics.” But when it comes to car seats, the numbers don’t lie. Vehicular crash research suggests that, when properly installed, car seats reduce the risk of fatal injury to infants under one by 71%. 

Erickson Living
a man and a woman look at something on a laptop together

Agreat way for prospective residents to shape the future of senior living is by joining Erickson Living’s online research panel, the Senior Living Advisory Board.

a woman in a black and white striped shirt carries cardboard in a green bin emblazoned with a white recycling symbol

Not long ago the city of Philadelphia received $65 for every ton of recyclables it collected. 

Today Philadelphia taxpayers shell out $38 per ton to get rid of the city’s recyclable waste.

In Cordova, Ill., residents have been advised of a planned rate hike to their waste management bills. The additional 39 cents per month is needed to cover rising recycling costs.

Frances Glessner Lee became a bit of a celebrity in her later years.

Born in 1878, Frances Glessner was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Like most young ladies born into high society at the time, she was educated in her Chicago home and taught the life skills she would need for a successful future.