a portrait of American Heiress and art collector Marjorie Merriweather Post

The next time you pour yourself a bowl of Grape-Nuts, consider that in 1914 those crunchy bits of grain made 27-year-old Marjorie Merriweather Post the richest woman in the world. 

Betty Ford opened the Betty Ford Center in 1982. Since then, it has treated more than 100,000 people.

People say that being America’s first lady is among the most challenging and thankless jobs in government. They are wrong. In fact, the first lady receives no salary. She’s a volunteer. 

This meat was grown in a lab, rather than made by a live cow.

In the December 1931 issue of Strand magazine, Winston Churchill laid out his predictions for the future. He envisioned a world run by nuclear power and anticipated the development of wireless telephones and televisions. 

Unlike many painters who idealized their subjects, Caravaggio included real-world imperfections in his works. Note, for instance, the white insect egg sack on the grape leaf in Boy With a Basket of Fruit (circ. 1593).

If ever there were an artist who personified the fine line between madness and genius, it was Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. In his short life of 38 years, he became as infamous as he was renowned.

Liszt was as famous in his day as he is in ours. He was photographed and painted numerous times. This photograph, circ., 1858, shows his dashing side.

Several words come to mind at the mention of pianist and composer Franz Liszt, including virtuoso, maestro, and genius. And unlike so many brilliant artists who went through life unappreciated, Liszt was as revered in his day as he is in ours.

In this "ghost image" a man reads while surrounded by three “spirits.”

On a warm Sunday morning in August of 1862, William Mumler found himself alone in a Boston, Mass., photo studio. A jewelry engraver by trade, Mumler knew very little about the emerging art of photography, but he was smitten with Hannah Green Stuart, owner of the studio, so he happily volunteered to organize her darkroom chemicals and check the focus of her massive camera.

Women code breakers worked tireless for both the U.S. Army and Navy. This black and white photo shows several of the women hard at work.

When it comes to World War II code breaking, few names are bigger than Bletchley Park. Located in the south of England, this legendary facility housed Great Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School and, more importantly, the teams of young female code breakers who cracked the German Enigma cipher.

colorful plastic straws are organized into a wave pattern

In 2015, a team of biologists from Texas A&M University was researching sea turtles off the coast of Costa Rica. Their mission was to collect ectoparasites from sea turtles’ shells. 

Polaroid style photos of senior women

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram have spawned an entirely new breed of celebrity. Known as influencers, they have significant clout with their devoted followers. Usernames on Instagram are styled with an @-symbol in front to differentiate it from a #-symbol, called "hashtag," which signals a trending topic.