All components of the car seat you choose must be properly secured. Even the best seats are useless if installation is done incorrectly.

Mark Twain once quipped that there are “lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics.” But when it comes to car seats, the numbers don’t lie. Vehicular crash research suggests that, when properly installed, car seats reduce the risk of fatal injury to infants under one by 71%. 

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Agreat way for prospective residents to shape the future of senior living is by joining Erickson Living’s online research panel, the Senior Living Advisory Board.

a woman in a black and white striped shirt carries cardboard in a green bin emblazoned with a white recycling symbol

Not long ago the city of Philadelphia received $65 for every ton of recyclables it collected. 

Today Philadelphia taxpayers shell out $38 per ton to get rid of the city’s recyclable waste.

In Cordova, Ill., residents have been advised of a planned rate hike to their waste management bills. The additional 39 cents per month is needed to cover rising recycling costs.

Frances Glessner Lee became a bit of a celebrity in her later years.

Born in 1878, Frances Glessner was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Like most young ladies born into high society at the time, she was educated in her Chicago home and taught the life skills she would need for a successful future. 

These images show the massive damage the flood caused in Johnstown. Over 2,200 people lost their lives.

The last several months have been some of the rainiest on record for many parts of the United States. Both flash and full-blown river floods have occurred in states from Texas and Michigan to Pennsylvania and, perhaps most notably, Ellicott City, Md.

David Fairchild, left, meeting plant explorer Frank Meyer for whom Meyer lemons are named.

If you drink green juice packed with kale, eat whole grains like quinoa, and seek out healthy-fat-laden avocados, you have David Fairchild to thank. Fairchild brought tens of thousands of new plants and crop varieties to American farmers, and the fruit of his labor made a lasting impact on both the U.S. economy and the average American’s diet.

One of Peter Arno’s best-known illustrations (circ., 1943), showing a man completely submerged, head down, in a glass-enclosed shower stall.

The realm of illustration comprises numerous great artists and household names the likes of Norman Rockwell, Beatrix Potter, Gustave Doré, and Dorothy Hope Smith. But there is one important group of illustrators who often find themselves left out of the mix—cartoonists.

Each year, cigarette smoking causes more deaths than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drug use, homicide, suicide, and motor vehicle crashes combined for adults over the age of 35. It is the primary cause of 163,700 deaths from cancer, 160,600 deaths from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and 113,100 deaths from pulmonary diseases.

They are amongst the most powerful natural forces on the face of the Earth. Tornadoes have long been at the center of fact and fiction and, understandably, a source of fear and awe.