two seemingly identical cats sit together outside on an autumn day

Earlier this year, Barbara Streisand wrote a moving editorial in The New York Times. It was an account of the profound grief she had felt when her dog Samantha died. As Streisand put it in the editorial, “I was so devastated by the loss of my dear Samantha, after 14 years together, that I just wanted to keep her with me in some way.”

Dolores Andrew (pictured here with her husband Hugh) is a self-employed artist, instructor, and jurist at art shows. The couple lives at Oak Crest, a senior living community in Maryland.

When Sandra Schipul moved to Linden Ponds, a senior living community in Hingham, Mass., she had no plans to retire from the job she loved. For ten years, Schipul has worked as a sales associate at Pink Tulip Clothes & Accessories, a fashionable women’s boutique in Cohasset.

Alcatraz, known as "the rock", is an island off the coast of California

In the dark hours of June 11-12, 1962, three men left an infamous mark in history. Between 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., Frank Morris, along with brothers John and Clarence Anglin, broke out of a San Francisco island prison once thought to be escape-proof.

Its name was Alcatraz.

A Chicago Police Department dispatcher.

When a crisis occurs, the first thing most Americans do is call 911. Whether to report a crime, an urgent health condition, or a fire, that universal, easy-to-remember number is the quickest and most reliable means of getting emergency services to anyone in need.

Erickson Living

People know Erickson Living as a trailblazer in senior living. Potential and current residents associate the Erickson Living name with world-class services and amenities, a variety of stylish apartment floor plans, delicious dining choices, and myriad clubs and activities—each of which gives those considering a move the feel for life on any of its 19 campuses.

four different combinations of 60s inspired outfits

These days, being “fashion-forward” requires looking to the past. As thriving twenty-year olds and hip teens hit the streets with winged eyeliner, wide-brimmed hats, and bell-bottomed jeans, it’s clear that today’s trends are yesterday’s ideas.

Decades ago, before podcasts and smartphones, before cable TV and streaming services, entire families would gather around the big radio cabinet in the living room and listen.   

Elisha Otis demonstrates the elevator safety brake he invented.

There are those inventors who make modern living possible, and those who make modern living safe. Elisha Otis was of the latter ilk.

Ultimately proving himself a brilliant engineer, Otis had an unconventional start in life. Born in remote Halifax, Vt., in 1811, he started out as an unskilled laborer.

A ship with three masts out on the water, near a coast line.

Word of its potential discovery has resurrected an undeniably shameful episode from the American past, putting it front and center in the public consciousness. The Clotilda was the last-known U.S. slave ship to transport kidnapped Africans to U.S. shores.