Fran DiBacco in his Vintage Magazine Shoppe.


Fran DiBacco remembers the moment as if it were yesterday. It was June 1942; he was four and a half years old, standing by his mother’s side when she read the telegram.

His older brother Vince was dead—killed during the Battle of Midway. “I can still see my mother grabbing her head with both hands and falling over like a tree,” he says.

(From left) Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Rosalynn Carter during the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in 2013.

Help wanted: Manage office with an annual budget of $1.5 million and a staff of 25-40 people; oversee international social events; represent the official interests of the U.S.; preside over turkey pardons, Christmas tree lightings, and Easter egg rolls; direct events staff with regard to style and presentation of menus, floral design, and social correspondence.

Artist's concept of what the surface of the planet called TRAPPIST-1f might look like.

It has been a while since NASA has put a human being into space, but the federal agency still has its eyes on the stars. Since the 2015 discovery of a faraway star system using the TRAPPIST (Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope) ground telescope in Chile, the term extraterrestrial life has come up quite a bit.

Vinyl record on a turntable

Odds are, you have a cell phone. Perhaps you also have a personal computer and an MP3 player. There’s a good chance your recent photographs are digital and you may even do much of your reading on a tablet or e-reader. 

The "Christy Girl."

He was one of America’s greatest illustrators—every bit as much an artist as better-known luminaries like Norman Rockwell. Yet, while he was a household name in his time, Howard Chandler Christy is almost forgotten today.

Samuel Pepys' diary is considered the best first-person record of Restoration London.


The diary has existed in some form for millennia. From the caveman’s wall drawings of a successful hunt to the Internet blogger's opinions on the recent presidential election, people throughout time have readily indulged their inherent need to spill their guts about everyday occurrences.

Anonymous oil portrait of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, about age 45.

If ever there was a composer who met the definition of a virtuoso it was Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. His compositions are no doubt timeless musical works, and his technical skill with a violin was practically peerless.

Born in Venice, Italy, in 1678, Vivaldi was one of nine children. His father Giovanni was a professional violinist who recognized his son’s talent for music.

Comfort animals on commercial flights.

Travelers boarding a recent Delta Airlines flight were taken aback by the presence of an unusual passenger. Seated in economy class, in a dreaded middle seat, was a turkey. Yes, an actual turkey.

Jimmy Stewart on a 1976 visit to his old base of operations in England during WWII.

When we think of movie stars today, we usually imagine paparazzi photographers, glamorous red-carpet events, Hollywood mansions, handsome leading men, and beautiful starlets. But after reading author Robert Matzen’s latest book, your view may change—at least, when it comes to one star in particular.