A crew member aboard the International Space Station photographed this night image of Paris, France, in 2013.

Every summer, armchair astronomers look forward to the spectacle known as the Perseid meteor shower. But with each passing year, the celestial display is getting harder to see. 

Meteor showers like the Perseids are best seen in a dark sky, and truly dark skies are increasingly hard to come by. 

Women protest the ERA in the Florida legislature, where it failed to pass, in 1979.

On Aug. 26, 1920, women gained the right to vote when the 19th amendment became the law of the land. 

Ancient Roman aqueduct in Segovia.

The realm of invention encompasses a range of topics. To date, the Tribune’s inventor series has covered the stories of men and women who have contributed to a vast array of important fields, including mechanics, chemistry, communications, and electronics. 

Movie theater.

Looking for a great last-minute gift for a movie lover? Consider a subscription to a relatively new service that seems almost too good to be true. For just $9.95 a month, a MoviePass subscriber can see one movie a day. That’s right! An annual subscription comes to $119.40 and entitles the subscriber to see 365 films in a movie theater. 

The Statue of Liberty being built in France.

An intense debate about public statues has erupted across the nation. Does a town square statue of a Confederate general belong in the twenty-first century? If we are to learn from history, is it wrong to remove icons of a past age? Is it fair to judge our forefathers through the prism of modern-day values?

The Vince Guaraldi Trio.

When you hear the music of Vince Guaraldi, any number of thoughts, emotions, and reactions follow. You may experience a flood of memories from Christmases past; you’ll probably feel happy and playful; and you’ll almost certainly smile and snap your fingers.

Eagle's Trace
Nicole Williams’ townhome flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Williams, left, pictured with Eagle’s Trace resident Jane Weaver, works as a home support aide and is among the community’s 220-plus employees impacted by the storm.

The floodwaters were steadily rising in Nicole Williams’ townhome when she called the Texas National Guard for help.

“The water was up to my waist,” says Williams, a home support aide who works at Eagle’s Trace, the Erickson Living community in West Houston. “I knew we needed to evacuate.”

Cars in a flood.

Cities and towns across the South are still cleaning up from the devastating impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Residents are working hard to rebuild their homes and their communities. Their vehicles, however, will have to be replaced, not rebuilt.

Seeds at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Before the start of World War II, the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry in Leningrad, Russia (now called St. Petersburg), was the world’s largest seed bank. It held over 250,000 samples of seeds, roots, and berries.