Windsor Run
Almost 80% of Windsor Run community members use the  My Erickson app on their personal computers or mobile devices. The app is also available on a prominently displayed iPad at  the Woodland Commons Clubhouse front desk.

In 2018, the top mobile apps included YouTube, Goggle Maps, and Amazon. However, for community members at Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C., the My Erickson app, complete with a wide range of community-specific information, topped the charts.

Windsor Run
Pioneer resident Kathryne Sanders says she and her husband Rob chose Windsor Run so they could both enjoy an active retirement lifestyle on their own terms.

Windsor Run pioneer residents Kathryne and James “Rob” Sanders understand the importance of informed decision-making. When it came to their decision to move to Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C., the couple wished for an active retirement lifestyle, one that they chose on their own terms.

Wind Crest
Peggy Bent smiles standing in front of a lake

When Peggy Bent visited Wind Crest, the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., just southwest of Denver, she saw something much different from the other retirement communities she had researched. 

Tallgrass Creek

Tickling the taste buds

Tallgrass Creek
Dick Marquette (middle) loads new digital app My Erickson onto his computer as his wife Deanna (left) and Tallgrass Creek’s Resident Services Coordinator Ellen Neyman watch. The new app provides residents with easy access to all kinds of community info.

Tallgrass Creek neighbors now have a unique tool at their fingertips that provides instant access to all the happenings around the Overland Park, Kans. retirement community. 

Tallgrass Creek
Marilyn Wheeler (left) and Linda Westbrook are hard at work making plastic mats for the homeless that go underneath sleeping bags to keep moisture out. Residents use a ball of “plarn” made from cut-up, plastic grocery bags to crochet the mats.

Last year, a group of caring Tallgrass Creek neighbors baked a total of 31,119 cookies, all for other people to enjoy.   

Tallgrass Creek
Jan Reinhart enjoys collecting sketches from her many travels and has plenty of space to display them in her new apartment home at Tallgrass Creek. Jan was among the first residents of Goldfinch Lane, Tallgrass Creek’s new residence building.

When Jan Reinhart first thought about moving to Tallgrass Creek, she made an important decision. 

“I’d visited a friend several times who lived at Tallgrass Creek and liked what I saw,” says Jan. “So when Goldfinch Lane [Tallgrass Creek’s newest residence building] was announced, I joined the priority list before they even broke ground.”

Ralph and Evelyn Bumbaca chose a one-bedroom, Brighton-style apartment home when they moved to Seabrook from Toms River, N.J.

Seabrook’s wide variety of floor plans make it an affordable retirement living option for a range of budgets.

Visit Seabrook for a priority list event, and you might meet the smiling face of Carol Bicket, resident ambassador.

With Seabrook at near-complete occupancy, apartment homes are a hot commodity when they become available. One special group of people is privy to those that open up before anyone else.