Harry Beam captured this lone robin on a snowy day at Ann’s Choice.

Walk anywhere on the Ann’s Choice campus, and you’re likely to see Harry Beam taking pictures. His iPhone is always ready to capture flowers in bloom, residents at play, or a special event. 

Dave and Terry Dunkelberger smile, standing in front of a beautifully landscaped busy with pink flowers.

When Dave and Terry Dunkelberger moved to Ann’s Choice two years ago, they wanted to get to know their new neighbors in inventive, new ways. “We could ask about careers, kids, and former lives,” says Terry, “but we wanted to get beyond the typical small talk.”

Trudi Hertfelder and daughter Heidi toured Grimsey Island near the Arctic Circle on a recent trip to Iceland. Living maintenance-free at Ann’s Choice frees up her schedule, allowing her to focus on the important things, like fun with the family.

“Go, and do it as long as you can.” That’s the advice Ann’s Choice resident and travel enthusiast Trudi Hertfelder gives when people ask about her frequent trips. 

Ann's Choice community member Harry Beam took these photos of the newly remodeled Banners Café.

Ann’s Choice community members often compare the Signature Dining program to eating on a cruise. The five on-site restaurants give them a choice of casual grab-and-go meals, hearty pub fare, and delicious multicourse dinners.

Kristina Cliff-Evans and her husband Ken Evans smile in their Ann's Choice apartment.

Kristina Cliff-Evans and her husband Ken Evans spent 28 years in a large, 95-year-old house in Northwest Philadelphia, Pa., with a full basement and two-car garage. According to Kristina, “There were lots of places to stick stuff, and we stuck stuff in all of them.”

Memory Project organizer Dr. Nina Haydel with a photograph of her great-grandfather Rabbi Segal.

Among the photographs on a wall in Dr. Nina Haydel’s living room, you’ll find a framed family tree. One of the sepia-toned images is her great-grandfather Rabbi Segal. There is no first name nor any other information about him. 

Fred Antil delights a young student with his impersonation of Abraham Lincoln.

Fred Antil is a Renaissance man. The former Marine, hospitality executive, industry consultant, and Cornell University professor has two master’s degrees and a doctorate. He wrote a book about Abraham Lincoln and reenacts Lincoln’s life for schools and civic organizations. He founded and runs the very popular history club at Ann’s Choice.

Sandy Rubin is all smiles at her grandson Ryan Kroll’s wedding. Kroll is a senior sales associate at Ann’s Choice, where Sandy lives. (From left) Alyssa Kroll, Sandy Rubin, and Ryan Kroll.

Sandy Rubin doesn’t waste time on regrets. She’s too busy enjoying her third year at Ann’s Choice to worry about do-overs. “You make the best decisions you can at the time,” she says, “and adjust as needed.” 

Mary and Robbie Robinson, posing here in their Harrison-style apartment home, are glad they moved sooner to Ann’s Choice instead of waiting. “Make the move while you can enjoy everything there is to do,” says Robbie.

Ed “Robbie” and Mary Robinson always knew they’d move to Ann’s Choice

Originally from Newtown, Pa., the longtime priority list members spent 15 years in a lakeside home in Clarksville, Va. While they loved the area, Mary says, “There was never any question that we would wind up here. It was just a matter of timing.”