Ann’s Choice neighbors Lee Berkley (left) and Alma Griffith display a few of the children’s books collected by their Third Tuesday book club.

Late last summer, the Third Tuesday book group at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., launched a drive for children’s books. 

Fran Calahan and Gary Hattal take a turn on one of the dance floors at Ann’s Choice.

“There’s an aura about Ann’s Choice,” says Fran Calahan. “It’s inviting and welcoming, and you can feel that when you first walk in.”

Fran moved from Doylestown to Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., in Jan. 2010, nine months after she’d broken her right knee. 

Pottery club members Charlie Kelly (left) and D Parker work on their clay projects in the Ann’s Choice arts and crafts studio, located in Village Clubhouse.

For D Parker, moving to Ann’s Choice fulfilled a lifelong dream.

“I married young, had a family, and put my dreams of going to art school aside,” she says. “But I’d been drawing most of my life.”

(From left) Ann’s Choice residents Jeroo Dalal with her husband Fram, and Jeroo’s sister Mithoo Katrak with her husband Adi, gather in the Dalals’ kitchen where Fram reigns as chef.

This story begins in India where sisters Jeroo Dalal and Mithoo Katrak grew up. Jeroo married Fram, and Mithoo (pronounced ME-too) married Adi, men who’d been good friends since kindergarten.

In 1964, Fram’s Fulbright scholarship took the Dalals to Philadelphia, Pa. They spent 42 years in Elkins Park before moving to Atlanta, Ga. 

a view of the beautifully landscaped campus at Ann's Choice

People interested in living at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., should join its priority list.

Len Kornstein’s 3-D painting Sky City hangs in the great room of his home at Ann’s Choice.

The big windows and abundant natural light in the bedroom of his large and cheerful one-bedroom Brighton apartment home provide an ideal space for Len Kornstein to create three-dimensional paintings and collages. He paints nearly every day and gifts his art to family and friends.

Cow and dairy memorabilia tend to occupy every nook and cranny of Dolores Medvedik’s apartment home at Ann’s Choice.

When Dolores Medvedik found herself relying on others to care for her three-quarter-acre property in Holland, Pa., she moved to Virginia where one of her daughters lived. 

Libby and Bud Blank stand in the living room of their one-of-kind apartment home at Ann’s Choice where they display many of the art pieces collected during their travels.

Two years ago, after dining at Ann’s Choice with friends who lived there, Libby and Bud Blank decided to move from their 2,400-square-foot house of 56 years in Feasterville, Pa., to Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County.

Clarence Good, a resident ambassador at Ann’s Choice, belongs to the Silent Flyers, a campus club for remote-controlled plane hobbyists. Here he displays his latest project.

The best way to see what Ann’s Choice is like is to schedule an appointment and personal tour with the sales office or to attend a complimentary sales event or open house.