Ann’s Choice resident Marie Kirchner displays one of the pediatric gowns she sews in the great room of her spacious one-bedroom apartment for toddlers who are hospitalized or in a hospice program.

Four years ago, Marie Kirchner scheduled a 90-minute appointment and tour of Ann’s Choice with Sales Counselor Marie Dmoch. It was her first visit to the Bucks County, Pa., Erickson Living community, and it changed her life. 

Amanda Brown, Ann’s Choice sales counselor.

The Ann’s Choice sales office gained an additional sales counselor this April when Amanda Brown joined Sales Counselor Marie Dmoch and the team due to the growing demand from people interested in moving to this popular Erickson Living community in Bucks County, Pa. 

The bay window in Ruth Kurtz’s apartment home at Ann’s Choice serves as a nursery for the tomato and pepper plants she starts from seed.

Come spring at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., flowering trees and shrubs paint the 103-acre grounds a saucy pink. 

One of the things that make Sandee Berman the happiest person at Ann’s Choice is her patio. She even sits out there on sunny winter days.

Sandee Berman claims she’s the happiest person at Ann’s Choice. That’s saying a lot considering she never intended to move to the Erickson Living retirement community in Bucks County, Pa. 

Ann's Choice residents Peter and Eileen Lynch.

Peter and Eileen Lynch moved from Island Heights, N.J., to Ann’s Choice six years ago when they decided to give up the unending chores associated with a house large enough to hold Peter’s 100-year-old Steinway concert grand piano. 

Ann's Choice fashion show participants.

Decades ago, women donned a Sunday dress, put on white gloves and a Sunday hat, and then traveled to a department store downtown for a ladies luncheon and a trunk show of the latest fashions. 

Deborah Olcese, Ann’s Choice Sales Director.

Today’s uncertain economic environment has led to second-guessing on the part of many people who want to shed their homeowner responsibilities for an easier lifestyle at a retirement community. 

Ann’s Choice residents Linda and Mike Droluk

Because Mike and Linda Droluk knew exactly what they wanted, the Jamison, Pa., residents spent five years researching local retirement communities. 

Ann’s Choice community member Anne d’Auray Tracy

Before she and her husband moved to Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., Anne d’Auray Tracy spent decades leading an exceptionally busy life.