Ann’s Choice Philanthropy Director Susan Abtouche (right) admires the 400th crocheted blanket knitted for Project Linus by Adele Lloyd. The pattern is the same one Adele used for her first Project Linus blanket.

If Ann’s Choice has a shortage of anything, it’s couch potatoes. Many of the people who live at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., are out and about volunteering their time and talents to help others. Last year, they donated more than 112,000 hours of volunteer service. 

Herb and Elaine Craft’s second bedroom/office holds their computer desks. Herb helps Elaine enter registration data for the Ann’s Choice Lifelong Learning Program.


The hot summer day in 2010 when Elaine and Herb Craft moved from Maple Glen, Pa., to Choice gave them a preview of what life at the Erickson Living retirement community in nearby Bucks County would be like.

Ann’s Choice residents Diana and Ed Pearl transform a relaxing evening into a time of enjoyment and laughter as she listens to books on tape and he shares humorous passages from his hardback title.

For all kinds of reasons, at Choice, Ed Pearl leads a stress-free life. “The other day I filled a prescription, mailed a letter, and went to the bank—and I never left the building,” he says. 

Ann’s Choice resident Doris Grossman hosted ten family members around her table for a Rosh Hashanah dinner last year.

Shortly after Doris Grossman moved to Choice, Erickson Living’s community in Bucks County, Pa., an incident occurred that set the tone for her life today.

Ann’s Choice Sales Counselor Marie Dmoch

Before Ann’s Choice was even built, its sales counselor, Marie Dmoch, met and answered questions from scores of people interested in learning about Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa.