Faye Williams is the editor of The Brooksby Villager, a quarterly journal written and published by people who live at Brooksby Village, an Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass.

Every time Faye Williams pulls new story submissions from the boxes located in Brooksby’s craft rooms, she feels a pulse of excitement.

“It’s like Christmas,” says Faye, editor of The Brooksby Villager, an independent quarterly journal written and published by residents of the Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass. “Every story is a present, unique and exciting.”

Betty Roop chose her favorite furniture pieces and décor to showcase in her Brooksby apartment, including watercolors she’s painted.

When Betty Roop moved to Brooksby Village in Peabody, Mass., in September 2016 from her home of 48 years in North Andover, she faced the same challenge as everyone who had moved to the Erickson Living community before her: downsizing.

Brooksby residents survey items that can be recycled during the 2016 Road Show, sponsored by the community’s recycling committee.

When it comes to recycling, people who live at Brooksby Village are making small changes that will have a significant impact over time.

Bettie Loughhead (left) and Roberta Gosselin cochairs of the Brooksby Afghan Group, hold up afghans that have been knitted for donation.

Ever since President Nixon established National Volunteer Week in 1974, ensuing presidents have championed the benefits of civic engagement. 

President Obama, in his last National Volunteer Week proclamation as president, asserted, “People of all ages can volunteer, and anyone can, through the smallest of acts, do their part to improve the lives of others.”

Before moving to Brooksby Village, Johanna and Allen Hill spent two nights in one of the community’s guest suites as part of the community’s Live the Life program.

Allen and Johanna Hill could have summed up their retirement plan in three words: age in place.

Bruce and Louise Netten’s Washington-style apartment home at Brooksby easily accommodates Bruce’s electric organ.

Ethel Leonard, a longtime Girl Scout troop leader and volunteer, was instrumental in bringing together Girl Scouts who live at Brooksby Village, the Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass.

Paul and Barbara Blandford developed ties to Brooksby even before they moved to the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community in December 2015.

By the time Paul and Barbara Blandford moved to Brooksby Village in December 2015, the Beverly, Mass., couple was well informed about their new home.

“I felt like we became part of the community even before we moved in,” says Barbara.

Norine Grant (left) and Geraldine Tasco represent Brooksby’s chess club at the community’s annual activities fair.

Brooksby Village’s annual activities fair gives residents the opportunity to learn about the community’s more than 100 clubs and activities.