When most people go shopping for a new home, they are thinking of the roof over their heads. But as it turns out, what s under their feet is often a major selling point. [caption id="attachment_2471" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Uncovering and refinishing hardwood floors can be a real selling point when putting your home on the market.

Be it a cherished 70th birthday party, a dog derby, or a theater production, if it s a memorable event at Brooksby Village, you ll probably find John Connors there capturing it on camera. Connors has poured his lifelong passion for photography into the Brooksby community, where he lives and has taken more than 3,000 photos.

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Verena Rybicki, who lives at Brooksby Village, recently met the Dalai Lama at a special gathering in New York. Verena Rybicki recalls riding through the Himalayas on a man s back inside a tea crate. She was just 4 years old, and that and the following weeks she spent in Tibet were significant not just for their place in her life story, but for their uniqueness in history.


Florence D Avella, who lives at Brooksby Village, adds some edges to her spoon holder during the community s weekly pottery workshop. On one side of the table, an artist molds her clay into what will eventually be a large dish, while her neighbor delicately paints flowers onto a smaller clay dish.

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Brooksby Village resident Janet Tenney judged this year s Dog Derby with help from her dog, Beebee. From the fits of laughter escaping the tent at Brooksby Village, an unknowing bystander might have thought a comedian was entertaining audiences inside; only the distinct orchestra of barks would have made him think twice.

Independence square This month, as the country waves its flags in celebration of Independence Day, Florence Perkins can look at her own handmade ode to America the quilt she crafted, featuring the faces of every United States President. Perkins quilt gained fame among her neighbors at Brooksby while it was on display earlier this year in the community s McIntosh Clubhouse.