Carl Thorsten displays the diploma for his master of science in chemical engineering in his apartment home at Brooksby Village.

“I imagine there aren’t too many people getting their degrees at 90,” says Brooksby Village resident Carl Thorsten, who was recently awarded a master of science in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

It’s an accomplishment more than 50 years in the making.

Chris Massey, director of general services at Brooksby Village, smiles before a red maple tree.

If Dick Richmond needs any work done in his Brooksby Village apartment home, he knows just who to call.

A group of Brooksby neighbors walks two miles along the Danvers Rail Trail every Wednesday morning from April through November. (From left) Janet Locke, Richard Freedberg, Bob Earsy, Nancy Earsy, Jenney Glowik, Georgette LaBrie, Gregg Whitney, and Bob Ful

Driving onto Brooksby Village’s 90-acre campus in Peabody, Mass., it’s easy to be taken with the community’s natural beauty. But just beyond Brooksby’s borders, there’s even more outdoor space to explore and enjoy.

Laurie Phillips, personal moving consultant at Brooksby Village, pays a home visit to a prospective community member.

If you’ve considered a move to Brooksby Village, chances are you’ve heard of Laurie Phillips.

Retired teacher Heidi Stowe loves the open layout of her one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton apartment home at Brooksby Village.

When Heidi Stowe first considered a move to Brooksby Village, she studied all of the community’s one-bedroom floor plans.

“I’m a visual learner,” says Heidi, a retired teacher. “I had to see the floor plans to get a feel for how I could live in the space.”

The Silver Connections dinner group is one of Brooksby’s resident-led initiatives to create a warm, welcoming community. (From left) Stephanie Carnahan, Larry Carnahan, Margie Keene, Lillian Young, and Betty Roop.

Like the first day of school or the first day on a new job, every beginning offers a mix of excitement and trepidation.

“It’s a feeling that doesn’t go away, even as you accumulate more and more life experiences,” says Melanie Bernardin, director of resident life at Brooksby Village, the Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass.

Larry and Gerri Berry, seen here playing ping pong, chose Brooksby Village for its abundant amenities and full activities calendar.

When Larry and Gerri Berry first considered moving to a retirement community, they put three factors at the top of their list.

“Activities, cost, and location were our primary considerations,” says Larry, who spent his career in the cargo airline industry with the Flying Tiger Line, which was later acquired by FedEx.

Brooksby Village driver Kate Hubbard (left) and resident Audrey Frye Helzner discovered a surprising connection during a drive from Boston to Peabody.

The drive from Peabody, Mass., to Boston is just enough time to strike up a meaningful conversation, says Kate Hubbard, who works in the transportation department at Brooksby Village.

Allison and Jim Dolan pose in their home

For Jim and Allison Dolan, planning is key.

“My parents lived at a continuing care retirement community, so we were aware of its value and the peace of mind it affords,” says Allison.

In 2008, while the couple was living in Malden, Mass., they began to explore options for their own retirement living.