Brooksby residents vote in the March primary elections in the McIntosh Clubhouse at the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community.

Barbara Powers stumbled upon her major as an undergraduate at Northeastern University.

Brooksby’s “Mr. Music,” Ted Good, plays the piano in his apartment at the Peabody, Mass., community.

Ted Good’s piano melodies greet you even before you knock on the door of his apartment at Brooksby Village. Ted’s nickname around the Peabody, Mass., community is “Mr. Music.” He lives up to the moniker.

Brother and sister Rocco and Josephine Petrillo moved to Brooksby Village from their family home in West Peabody, Mass.

When brother–sister duo Rocco and Josephine Petrillo built their two-story house in West Peabody, Mass., 24 years ago, it functioned as the perfect family home.

Jan Guilbault hosts the cooking show Food for Fun, airing on Brooksby TV, from her apartment at the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community.

When Jan Guilbault moved to Brooksby Village in October 2004, she was happy to turn over the responsibility of daily meal preparation to the community’s culinary team.

Dick and Carol Profio moved to Brooksby Village in November 2015. Carol’s father also lived at the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community.

Carol Profio was acquainted with Brooksby Village long before she moved to the Peabody, Mass., Erickson Living community with her husband, Dick, in November 2015.

Paul and Eleanor Dustin brought their favorite pieces when they moved to Brooksby, including Paul’s model ships and Eleanor’s porcelain collection.

Paul and Eleanor Dustin’s house in Reading, Mass., was the hub of family activity for 52 years. They raised their two daughters, Elizabeth and Martha, in the gray Garrison Colonial, featuring a style of English architecture where the second story slightly overhangs the first.

Eleven Brooksby residents share their stories of escaping Nazi Germany in the film Out of Darkness: Survivors of World War II.

When Anna Smulowitz Schutz joined the pastoral ministries staff at Brooksby Village in 2005, she couldn’t foresee the impact that the Peabody community’s residents would have on her.

Joan Havey and John Murphy perform a duet to Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year” at one of Brooksby’s karaoke nights.

In 2003, Brooksby resident Joan Pappalardo organized a karaoke night for friends to gather and enjoy a lighthearted evening singing along to well-known melodies. Thirteen years later, karaoke night is one of the Peabody community’s longest-running activities.

Brooksby residents placed pushpins on the map location they consider their homeland as part of the community’s Diversity Month celebration.

When Bob Vincent and his wife Fedela started looking at retirement communities, their search took them to three states.

“We lived in Rye, N.H., at the time,” says Bob. “Fedela and I spent the better part of a year visiting communities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.”