John Evans thought he was going to stay in his house during retirement, but after researching retirement communites in the area and the value they provided for his investment, Cedar Crest was the clear choice.

Before John Evans discovered Cedar Crest, an Erickson Living-managed community in Pequannock Township, N.J., he researched seven other retirement communities. He created a spreadsheet of pros and cons, comparing them to each other and to his current living situation. His conclusion? 

The Cedar Crest Chorale performs its holiday concert in Cedar Crest’s all-faiths chapel.

Singing advocacy group Chorus America claims more than 32 million American adults sing regularly in groups nationwide. Millions of others sing in the shower, the car, or while tucking in children or grandchildren. What do they all have in common? 

Helen and David Steinberg have embraced the worry-free lifestyle at Cedar Crest, seen here in the fitness center, by staying active and engaged regardless of the weather outside.

With winter around the corner, Cedar Crest is experiencing a rush of appointments with people who don’t want to spend another winter in their house. 

The weatherproof community provides everything one needs to live a healthy, active, engaged life under one roof.  

Rose Marie Armstrong, seen here in her home at Cedar Crest, brought friends along when she visited Cedar Crest, and their positive reaction helped her see it was a great place to live.

With the holidays around the corner, many retirees are scheduling personal tours at Cedar Crest with their families. The Erickson Living community in Pequannock Township, N.J., offers tours daily by appointment and hosts special events like the holiday luncheons on November 13 and December 4. 

With three laptops, an Android smartphone, and a tablet, Cedar Crest social media ambassador, resident Kathy Moffitt, is fit for the job.

Research shows that today’s seniors are often just as comfortable using technology as their younger counterparts. Kathy Moffitt, who does nearly all communication via email or text, would fit in well on a college campus.

Former hospital administrator Dorothy Zimmerman understands the importance of having additional care available should she ever need it, while being empowered to live independently as long as possible.

Finding the right home to spend your retirement isn’t just about affordability. Or amenities. Or the food. It’s not just about continuing care or the size and style of your home. It’s about all of those things. It’s about finding a home that offers you the most value, which comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Blanche Blitzer found this small olive-green recliner for her second bedroom/TV room at Dave’s Den, the furniture resale shop at Cedar Crest, in Pequannock Township, N.J.

For Blanche Blitzer, giving back is a full-time job. But when you live in a community of caring friends like Blanche, giving back is also a natural response to feeling loved.

Jerry Winnick teaches a calligraphy and illuminating letters course at Cedar Crest’s Institute for Learning in Retirement. Here he holds an example of his work.

Do you remember learning to write? Holding your pencil with a tripod grip. The crisp scent of a fresh piece of lined paper. Swirling letters across the page. The tall loop of an “l,” the swoop of an “s,” the awkward zigzag of a cursive “z.” 

Dorothy Zimmerman’s apartment home at Cedar Crest is an eclectic melting pot of styles, patterns, and textures. Consistent hues of warm red, pink, cream, and brown bring it all together in harmony.

Dorothy Zimmerman’s apartment is an eclectic array of paintings, antiques, patterns, and textures, all in warm, soothing reds and browns. An Aztec-inspired rug sets the tone in her living room, where five beautifully upholstered vintage chairs and a sofa create a wide and open conversation area.