Dorothy Zimmerman’s apartment home at Cedar Crest is an eclectic melting pot of styles, patterns, and textures. Consistent hues of warm red, pink, cream, and brown bring it all together in harmony.

Dorothy Zimmerman’s apartment is an eclectic array of paintings, antiques, patterns, and textures, all in warm, soothing reds and browns. An Aztec-inspired rug sets the tone in her living room, where five beautifully upholstered vintage chairs and a sofa create a wide and open conversation area. 

Schedule a personal visit with Sales Counselors Ruth Phillips or Kate Tanis and get their undivided attention for an entire hour to learn about all things Cedar Crest.

Ruth Phillips and Kate Tanis, Cedar Crest’s two sales counselors, invite anyone curious about the Pequannock Township, N.J., Erickson Living community to join them for a personal visit over cookies, conversation, and a campus tour.

Father Ken Lasch, a canon lawyer who studied in Rome during the Second Vatican Council, has spent over 30 years advocating for victims of clerical sexual abuse.

He may have doubted his high school parish priest’s prediction, but decades later, Ken Lasch says his life as a Roman Catholic priest has been validated a thousand times. 

“I’ve never had bad assignments. I’ve always been challenged. I loved the people, and the people loved me,” he says. 

Elaine Tagler says working with Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor was key to keeping her move simple and successful when she downsized and relocated to Cedar Crest, an Erickson Living community in Pequannock Township, N.J.

I’ve been writing about downsizing and moving for nearly 15 years, and the most common remark I hear from people who have done it goes something like this: “I don’t miss a thing.”

Carolyn Young transplanted 250 types of lilies to Cedar Crest when she moved there in 2015. Starting this month, admirers can expect to see a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Later this month, the grounds of Cedar Crest will be abloom with generations of daylilies. 

Bruce and Marge Campbell researched retirement living options, and Cedar Crest in Pequannock Township, N.J., came out on top.

Did you know that not all retirement communities operate on the same business model? A number of financial structures, in addition to lifestyle and amenity options, exist among area communities.

Variety of options

Barbara Schmidt shares the mission of Coloring With Adults at the 2018 activities fair: relax, socialize, and be creative.

Each spring, Cedar Crest residents gather by the hundreds to explore each other’s interests at the annual activities fair, which puts the community’s more than 180 clubs and interest groups on display.

Executive Chef Chris Jerred leads the dining services team at Cedar Crest’s Overlook Restaurant.

For most chefs, especially those working at independent restaurants, the idea of maintaining a work-life balance is laughable. It’s just not common in the industry. 

Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor meets with prospective residents in their house, armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment home at Cedar Crest. She tours the house and sees which existing furniture pieces they want to bring with them.

There’s a reason why most people who move to Cedar Crest say it’s the easiest move they’ve ever made. They have a secret weapon. Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor provides personalized assistance to help make the load—and the experience—a lot lighter.