You have to move it before you lose it, Pauline Reilly says with the infectious spunk that fills her voice and her step. Walking is the best exercise for you. I love being out in the fresh air with no interruptions. It s exhilarating, she says.


When Ruth Ellerthorpe moved to Cedar Crest four years ago this month, she never dreamed she d be running a nonprofit travel company. But when she met Betty Flanagan and Lucille Joseph, she found herself at the very nucleus of the community s Trips and Travel Club now one of the most popular groups on campus.


With the ground thawing and the weather turning warm, Doug McCrum s mind instinctively turns to baseball.


Joyce Chananie has created an army of do-good knitters. [caption id="attachment_8991" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Joyce Chananie shows off some of the hats that the Instructional Knitting group has made for local charities. (Photo by Tony Ciavolella)"]

Cedar Crest sMedical Director Roland Lascari, M.D., believes in treating all patients like family members with care, patience, and support. [caption id="attachment_8993" align="alignright" width="168" caption="Roland Lascari, M.D.

[caption id="attachment_8351" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Members of the Harmonicazz group (left to right) Ray Schmitt, Harold Wehner, and Sal Longo.


[caption id="attachment_8355" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Members of the Cedar Crest Rock and Gem society pose in front of a boulder on campus.


For Ray and Barbara Schmitt, the secret to their 51 years of successful marriage has been respect for one another and a strong, shared faith. It s really simple, Barbara says. The key to making it last is having a common faith and always putting the other person first. Through all of our years together, there s never been a time where we haven t done that.

Whether you sing in the shower or at the Metropolitan Opera, the Cedar Crest Singers group was created for those who have music in their heart. No matter your experience or voice, we re open to any new members, club codirector Blanche Blitzer says. There are no altos, no sopranos, and no auditions. All you have to do is love to sing.