After years of writing personal essays, Cedar Crest resident Loren Schmidtberger published his first book in December 2016.

Who has the time to write a book when you’re working and maintaining a house? 

The Tuesday Night Dining Club (From left) Albert Kachadurian, Neal Monda, Bette Monda, Ellen Proper, Helen Emire, Kathy Blumers, Marcia Burch, Donna Inez, Ginny Deleo, Leo Thomas, Elaine Thomas, Doris Hiller, and Bob Regent.

New research confirms that people who have stronger social networks—both online and offline—live longer. 

Using large rubber bands, balance class participants build upper body and core strength. (From left) Ginny Cannito, Donna Murphy, Grace Edwards, Kathy Moffitt, Barbara Marty, Fitness Instructor Ray Lopez, and Richard Kiss.

Pat Jacoby with her collection of U.S. Presidents memorabilia, such as books and paintings, in Cedar Crest’s Belmont Clubhouse.

(From left) Tiffany Taylor, Ramon Lopez, Miguel Gonzalez, Lauren Corrente, Kelli Daood, George Papendick, Jennifer Schweizer, and Erica Zayat deliver more than 200 bags of food and toiletries to Pequannock Food Pantry.

Love is in the air this month as we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While the story of its patron saint is shrouded in mystery, the modern-day Valentine’s celebration certainly isn’t. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually. In fact, it’s the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. 

Franklin Lakes, N.J., RE/MAX agent Kathleen Falco has helped several individuals and families sell their houses and move to Cedar Crest.

Although people often think of the end of March and April as the “spring market,” the truth is that buyers come out as early as January and February. As time goes on and the weather improves, the market gets more saturated. 

Dorothy and Michael Flynn share their advice for moving from a 120-year-old house to a spacious apartment home at Cedar Crest.

Downsizing from a 120-year-old single family house to a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment home could have been a nightmare. Not for Michael and Dorothy Flynn.

Esther Price teaches Stretch ‘n’ Tone weekly as well as water aerobics, engaging and inspiring her neighbors.

Think back over the years. How many New Year’s resolutions have you made? And how many have you kept? 

“I have the perfect place for an artist,” artist Winnie O’Dougherty says of her light-filled, first-floor apartment home.

Sunlight streams through the large windows of Winnie O’Dougherty’s two-bedroom, Manchester-style apartment as she tinkers with a new technique—fashioning a rooster using oil and a painting knife.