Dorothy and Michael Flynn traded their 120-year-old house for maintenance-free living at Cedar Crest, where they enjoy the view from their balcony.

If you’re looking for Dorothy and Michael Flynn, you’ll most likely find them on their large, recessed balcony. That’s where they watch Independence Day fireworks, take their morning coffee, and spend much of their free time. Not that they have a blank calendar. 

Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor helped Loretta Mora (left) simplify her move to Cedar Crest with the use of a miniature, magnetic floor plan of Loretta’s apartment home.

Moving and downsizing can be a time to not only simplify life but to discover what belongings truly matter—those that bring you joy. 

Colleen Canavan placed benches in her garden (shown at left) where she can enjoy the view and colorful blooms. Karnig Thomasian and Inga Brandimarte (shown at right) in their patio garden at Cedar Crest.

On June 12, during National Garden Week, more than 65 residents enjoyed the beauty of their neighbors’ patio gardens during Cedar Crest’s Birdhouse and Garden Tour.

Carolyn and Ted Ogren chose the Washington-style floor plan—a corner unit featuring two bedrooms, two baths, a sunroom, and a balcony.

“Having a house is a lot of work, especially a 110-year-old house,” says Carolyn Ogren of the large colonial farmhouse she and her husband Ted shared for 45 years in Ridgewood, N.J. Their house was perfect for raising their four children, it wasn’t perfect for making the most of their retirement.

Joan and Harry Becker with a photo from their trip to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Like many things at Cedar Crest, traveling around the world is possible without leaving the community.

Dorothy McMahon says she’s even more socially active now that she lives at Cedar Crest, the Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J.

About three years ago, Dorothy McMahon made a proactive decision about aging. Though she lived comfortably in a condo in Pequannock Township, N.J., she realized that the day may come when she could no longer drive. She didn’t want her active lifestyle to be hindered and life confined to her living space.

Sales Associates Kelly Tapp and Brian Cassidy began their careers at Cedar Crest as dining associates.

Earlier this year, President Obama announced a new initiative to increase employment for America’s young people. The Summer Opportunity Project aims to “get young people into their first jobs and create strong transitions between school years and from high school to college and careers,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post announcing the initiative on February 25.

The Annual Cedar Crest Activities Fair drew more than 300 people interested in the community’s 180 clubs and activities.

What’s colorful, relaxing, and fun for adults and kids alike?

Give up? It’s coloring.

The community gardens at Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest’s community gardens have always been a treasured place on campus for gardeners and nongardeners alike. From April to September, passersby can enjoy a colorful, fragrant landscape of annuals, perennials, and edibles.