Editorial board for The CC Villager (from left) Doris Woolf, Janice Rubin, Jay Ludwig, David Greenwood, Sophie Murray, and Pat Thaler (not pictured: Walter Weglein).

An all-star team of illustrators, journalists, professors, and artists has assembled to publish The CC Villager, a quarterly literary arts magazine first released in fall 2016.

Garden club cochair  Antonio Fontes staffs  the table at Cedar Crest’s annual activities fair.

Until he was 18, Antonio Fontes worked the soil on his family’s farm in Portugal. They grew corn, potatoes, and wheat and they raised cows and other animals.

But since then, he hadn’t farmed or gardened much at all. Instead, he mined coal in Spain, fought as a soldier, and, finally, sold real estate in the U.S. for 25 years. 

Keynote speaker and 2012 scholarship recipient George Alfano addresses Cedar Crest’s 2016 recipients at the annual awards ceremony about his time at the Erickson Living community and how the scholarship impacted his future.

In May, nearly 30 student who work in Cedar Crest’s restaurants graduated from the Pompton Plains, N.J., community’s scholarship program. A ceremony at the community’s Belmont Performing Arts Center commemorated the occasion.

Nancy Lynn Squier downsized from a three-bedroom house in Montclair, N.J., to an apartment home at Cedar Crest.

You’re on the fence about downsizing and moving to an apartment-style community, even though it offers full access to health care on site. You may not need it now, but you acknowledge you or your spouse may need it in the future. 

Barbara Schmitt represents the Adult Coloring Club at Cedar Crest’s annual activities fair in March.

On a recent spring afternoon, residents at Cedar Crest explored the community’s more than 180 clubs and interest groups at the annual activities fair, held March 27 in the Woodland Commons Conference Center. 

Cedar Crest Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor.

Whether you’re moving to Cedar Crest in one month or one year, Personal Moving Consultant Anne Connor provides personalized assistance to help make the load—and the experience—a lot lighter. 

After years of writing personal essays, Cedar Crest resident Loren Schmidtberger published his first book in December 2016.

Who has the time to write a book when you’re working and maintaining a house? 

The Tuesday Night Dining Club (From left) Albert Kachadurian, Neal Monda, Bette Monda, Ellen Proper, Helen Emire, Kathy Blumers, Marcia Burch, Donna Inez, Ginny Deleo, Leo Thomas, Elaine Thomas, Doris Hiller, and Bob Regent.

New research confirms that people who have stronger social networks—both online and offline—live longer. 

Using large rubber bands, balance class participants build upper body and core strength. (From left) Ginny Cannito, Donna Murphy, Grace Edwards, Kathy Moffitt, Barbara Marty, Fitness Instructor Ray Lopez, and Richard Kiss.