American writer and literary critic Alfred Kazin once said, When a writer talks about his work, he s talking about a love affair. For accomplished writer Eugena Collier, that love affair is a lifetime of short stories, essays, and poems in a collection titled Breeder and Other Stories, which was featured at the second annual Charlestown Writers Festival.


This Thanksgiving, Harold and Dorothy Moors have a lot to be thankful for. With the help of Erickson Realty & Moving Services, they were able to sell their Glen Burnie home of 59 years in less than a week for more than they asked.


In a year riddled with foreclosures, layoffs, and stock market losses, you may think it would be difficult to find reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

American poet Robert Frost once said, Poetry is what s lost in translation. In Catonsville, a talented group of poets and poetry-lovers are hanging on every lost word with the Poets Corner, a monthly program at Charlestown that features readings, lectures, and poetry-related workshops. The Poets Corner is for anyone who enjoys poetry, says poet Phyllis Rowe, who organizes the program.

One of the greatest life lessons Peggy Wixted learned came from her grandchildren. They taught me not to sweat the small stuff, enjoy life, and laugh more, she says. Wixted, a grandmother of five, has plenty of opportunities to practice all of those lessons and teach new ones as she plays an active role in the lives of her grandkids, ages 8 to 22 years old.

MD_0809_LEAD_two bedroom

In her bedroom-turned-art studio, Jewell Brenneman is free to create pieces like her Pear Jammin series, which won multiple prizes in Charlestown s Visual Art Show. In spring 2008, Jewell and George Brenneman decided to trade in their Elkridge house for a maintenance-free 1,100-square-foot apartment home at Charlestown, the community by Erickson in Catonsville.


Charlotte Micklos thought you were either born an artist or you weren t that was, until she discovered a hidden talent she never knew she had. I went to a local art show years ago and saw some paintings by people I knew, says Micklos. I thought, if they can do it, why can t I? Micklos began taking art classes and painted off and on while raising her five children.